Facebook is FINE.

I just started really using Facebook… well, yesterday. And as I used it, I began to understand the vision its founders have for the site. Or something. Maybe it’s the fact that I got close to 20 hours of sleep yesterday (figure that out).

But Facebook is lining up to be the next internet, the way MySpace is sort of the youth internet right now. Sure, to my younger brothers and sisters, there are neat things that happen outside of MySpace, but they’re just some neat things. The meat of everything happens in the interactions between profiles and the additions to them, the gaining of friends, the miscellanea. Sort of the way the blogosphere works for us bloggers.

But Facebook is better than MySpace because it minimizes the amount of customizing that people can do, and instead of focusing on individuality and letting everyone glitter their profile up to high heaven, it concentrates on interconnectivity. This is a good thing. The News Feed page is a really, really good thing.

For instance, all my friends and I have blogs. But reading 100 blogs a day is a pain. So we aggregate (I, for instance, use Google Reader), and the content gets pushed to us. But what if you want to comment? You can’t comment via RSS, so you have to visit the blog, which is a barrier to entry, so to speak. (I personally think aggregation reduces commenting.) What blogs lack is a unified method of communication with eachother – a framework for interaction, if you wish. HTML doesn’t provide this. There’s nothing wrong with having ten thousand different blog sites and types of blog software, but what would really help the blogosphere become more social is enabling users to see what’s going on the way social networking sites do. Or the way Facebook does really, really well.

This is, of course, rather tangential to my main point. But what if Facebook expanded its reach just a little? It’s already got a note-creation mechanism that a lot of people use as a type of blogging space; what if Facebook allowed me to set up an incoming RSS feed that copies content from my main blog as it is updated? That would be neat. It could circumvent the blog integration problem altogether. Friends would get updates in their News Feeds, and could comment from there. Sure, it would create an abstracted layer of comments, but I’m not sure Facebook users would care that much.

It’s just an idea. In any case, I have to take a shower and go to church. Or as my crazy sister and her husband would say, I have to take a shower so I can have the privilege of going to church. And I would add, smelling less like roadkill than I do now.

Good time v. Bad times

I think we post about our lives when they’re bad because we’d very much like to see a change. We don’t post about it being good for much the same reason. Call it knock-on-wood syndrome, but nothing good seems to last. Thankfully, nothing bad seems to last either, except when it kills you, in which case you and the bad end at the same time. Nothing lost.

It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas morning, and the internet is awfully silent. So in lieu of having any actual content to spew forth, I’ll just say Merry Christmas. Or for those of you who don’t think being merry is quite right, Blessed Christmas. And good luck with the rectal stavectomy.


Again with the Notion, and again with the staying up well past any sort of bedtime. But this little ditty is the result, and for once I quite like what I’ve made.

Chroma (MP3)

Tell me what you think, peoples.

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Patterns 3

Despite saying I was going to bed, I didn’t, and this small piece resulted.

Patterns 3

This is what come of being unable to compose, you know, real music.