By the numbers.

I contemplated my evening, dividing it into slots. Gym and computer shop: 1.5 hours. Tidying up at work and driving home: .5 hours. Showering and driving to Oakville: .5 hours. Meeting in Oakville: 3 hours. Driving home, putzing around, and getting to sleep: 1.5 hours. Estimated drop-dead time: 11pm.


Another thought: if freedom must be forced upon the world, if the goal of universal liberty is such an overriding ideal that some evil must be done in its name, how is it then different from the very tyranny that it seeks to displace?

Can peace come from war?

Can an evil tree bear good fruit?

Are you pro-life?

We agree that abortion is murder. We agree that life is sacred and good. We agree that death is evil and unnatural.

We also agree with Jesus that though it has been said, An eye for an eye, we should rather Return good for evil.

How than can you be pro-life so often and yet be pro-death in war? How can you claim that a foetus is a person with a soul and yet act like an enemy combatant or a terrorist is a monster with no heart?

Maybe you’ve never thought of it in those terms. Maybe you’ve never pictured war as people fighting people. Maybe in war you view the enemy as a faceless evil.

But then maybe your pro-choice neighbour has never though about it in those terms either. Maybe he’s never pictured a foetus as a human. Maybe she views abortion as junking unneeded tissue.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself, How can these people devalue life this way?. Have you ever imagined someone asking the same question about you?

How to hook your blog up to Facebook’s Notes.

Sign in to Facebook. On the right hand side, click on

My Notes.

Find the Notes Settings box on the right hand side. Click on

Import a blog

In the Web URL box, enter the URL of your RSS feed. My blog’s feed, for instance, is

Check the box that says you have the rights to the content you intend to share (if you indeed do have those rights), and click

Start Importing

Facebook will then take the most recent posts from your blog and import them as Notes. From then on, every time you post to your blog, Facebook will import your latest posts as Notes as well, automatically.

Bullet points for a Monday Morning.

  • Stu just gave me a piece of cheese that smells like your feet might smell if you stepped in dog crap after not showering for a month while gangrene set in. It didn’t, however, taste much like that. It was smooth. And not too strong.
  • This morning I heard someone on the radio say, “Well, if you have nothing to hide, why would you not want surveillance?” But let me ask you this, Mr Radio Interview: who determines what needs to be hidden? Imagine a future where you need to hide your religion, your race, or your pack of cigarettes. Maybe you don’t think it likely, but you have to admit it’s at least possible. And if you don’t think it’s likely, maybe you need a refresher course on the 20th century, from the Holocaust sixty years ago to racial segregation and McCarthyism fifty years ago to wearing a turban in New York yesterday.
  • This weekend was perfect in just about every way I can think of.
  • Sarah once told me that dating sucks and while at the time I didn’t really get what she meant I think I can say I’m firmly in the “dating sucks” camp now.
  • I’m pretty sure that people who say, “The homosexual lifestyle is a choice!” have never sat down with a gay person and had an honest discussion about sexual orientation. The questions about pre-existing inclination and personal responsibility can follow later.
  • Do you ever see someone sum up past frustrations like you decided never to do? Someone, for instance, who has left the Anglican church and written a scathing, frustrated letter that touches on so many points of commonality it’s almost like a flashback. I read something like that on the weekend.
  • If I could give you one thing, it would be a lifetime of good, full sleep.
  • Right now I’m formatting a 50 GB encrypted drive. Takes a while.

Husband v. brother

They get married and adore their husbands. Then, when they ask their brothers why they can’t be more like their husbands, the brothers act like the sisters are crazy.

This is of course because brothers and sisters are naturally adversarial. They compete in a group, namely the family, and like all groups to which the members are accustomed it is made up of people who are past discovery and well into conflict.

Their husbands will eventually be like brothers to their wives. The brothers know this instinctually. There will come a point when something will turn the wives and husbands on eachother.

There is only the hope that in that day their better angels’ voices will not be shouted down by whatever demons may pass through.

You are not exempt from this.