2009-05-25: Tweet Beat

  • http://bit.ly/bKQbl
    <– New song. Tell me what you think! #
  • I’m sorry that the the econo.me sermon series has ended; there’s a lot of stuff to be said about finances Laura and I are still chewing. #
  • I imagine someday living in a place where airplanes aren’t constantly flying by. Are there still places like that? #
  • Thank you, SMASNLE. The subject of Melchizedek has always fascinated me. He’s a priest of Yaweh before Israel exists. Interesting! #
  • I guess Mel means that there must have been some sort of “cult of Yaweh” in the ancient world before Abraham was called. #
  • Jake Penate’s “Everything is New”… really catchy, some good hooks, I’m liking it so far! #
  • I guess I find it interesting how the worship of Yahweh happened between the garden and Abraham, in a historical/procedural way. NERD ALERT! #
  • It’s really strange that the Catholic Church, despite its faults, is the prime example of how to glorify God in art and architecture. #
  • I’m kind of glad TV season is over. It leaves some more free time, but also gets me used to not having something to watch all the time. #
  • Japandroid’s “Young Hearts Spark Fire” has the sweetest guitar tone in the history of today. Or yesterday. #
  • Here I am, at work, doing my thing. #
  • I’m re-listening to “For Albatross” and realising exactly what it needs. It needs structure. It need something completely different. #
  • I never really got what the deal was with DMB. Is there something there that I’m missing? #
  • A day later and Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” is still by far the best song I’ve heard this month. #
  • Why are washrooms not made wholly of stainless steel so they can be steam-cleaned automatically? This is what I think about in public loos. #
  • You Americans and your crazy holidays! It’s like an echo chamber in here. #
  • I’ve switched my scrobbling from Last.FM to Libre.FM. I wish there were a way for me to collect my own stats instead of sending them. #
  • I hate it when you email/FB/Tweet/etc someone and they don’t respond continually. It’s not *that* hard to type a quick reply. #