2009-05-27: Tweet Beat

  • New tires! Yay! #fb #
  • When people try to make small talk, I talk about roadkill. “How you doing?” “Not so good, I hit a family of ducks this morning.” #
  • A whisky-guided bomb would be the greatest and most useless invention ever. #
  • Good morning, all my Twitter people. #
  • What a frustrating day. Things done improperly the first time coming back to haunt us again. They never learn. #
  • AHAHAHA the tools were on his desk the whole time! #
  • My day has gotten better thanks to some unexpected levity. #fb #
  • I feel really, really tired right now. I need a siesta. #
  • I have a strange pain between my pinky and ring finger. I hope I’m not developing joint pain. #