2009-12-31: Tweet Beat

  • Breaking News! Fifth dentist caves, recommends Colgate. Details at 6. #
  • Twitter needs to decide if I have 43 or 46 followers. It's confusing the crap out of me. #
  • #resolution: #in2010 I will use my powers solely for good. Except when there is ice cream involved. Then I'll use my powers for AWESOME. #
  • I came in here to do nothing today, and now they're asking me to work. Fah! #
  • Dinosaur Jr.'s "Farm" is pretty darn good! #music #
  • Has #Slashdot changed its metamoderation, or is it just me? It seems to be just another level of moderation now, not judging previous mods. #
  • Freshly-made tabouleh? Done. #