2009-05-21: Tweet Beat

  • So heavy even Java runs faster. #yourmom #
  • Goes out in heels, comes back in flats. #yourmom #
  • Fills up the tub… and then turns the water on. #yourmom #
  • Thinks square roots are vegetables. #yourmom #
  • 394 in Scrabble. Best yet! #fb #
  • Machine operators aren’t supposed to assume they’re smarter than you. Read the paperwork! We make it for a reason! So you can read it! #
  • Begin your email with action. Do this. Don’t do this. Line break. Explain. Keep it under 5 sentences. Ask for a reply. Be polite. Hit send. #
  • Good news on Laura’s contract & job status. Her boss doesn’t seem to have the communication thing down very well. WTF? #
  • I love how we all use Twitter like a glorified chat room now. #
  • Take me to Never-Never Land. #fb #
  • I want a keytar. Is that okay? #

2009-05-20: Tweet Beat

  • Good morning, cruel world. #
  • New tires. Just remember, when buying a car with low-profile tires… you’ll pay for that for the remainder of the car’s life. #
  • Low-Profile Tires #dealbreaker #
  • If there’s on thing I hate it’s seeing people at work sitting or standing around typing on their phones. At least appear to work! #
  • Telephone cold-calling about printers and office supplies. #dealbreaker #
  • Testing. #fb #
  • We have a new tool that cuts titanium like that shit didn’t see it coming. Wow. #
  • So today I get to re-learn the HTML/XML/XSL skills I was so desperate to forget. #fb #
  • I hate getting yelled at for stuff that’s my fault. #

2009-05-15: Tweet Beat

  • Good morrow, blessed internet–packets be upon it–friends! May the light of its fibre shine down benevolently on your down-turned faces. #
  • Every song I write these days sounds like Mutemath. Which is either totally awful or totally awesome. #
  • I just poured myself another cup of coffee. #boring (am i doin this rite?!?) #
  • Updating my Twitter recursively. #boring #
  • I swear my coffee cup has legs. It’s never where I put it. Or I didn’t put it where I thought. Off I go to look! #coffee #
  • There’s a point where you have to stop doing things yourself. You have to delegate an and accept that you can’t micro-manage. #
  • It looks like it’s vertical stripes day here at work! Note to self: it’s quite possible to look like a cheap referee if you do it wrong. #
  • Home sweet home. #

2009-05-13: Tweet Beat

  • I want to be positive about how the day is going but I really can’t. Too many rush tools, not enough skilled people. Same old story. #
  • I don’t like disappointing people’s expectations, especially when I’m the one who set their expectations. But life happens, you know? #
  • I am so unbelievably stressed out at work. Machine is down, customers are calling. BTW, anyone building a machine on Windows should be shot. #
  • Ever have days where you wish you hadn’t come in to work? This is one of those days. Everything is going wrong or annoyingly. #
  • If you get a spec and you don’t understand something, ask. Otherwise I have to assume that you didn’t read the spec. #
  • I wonder where @cjhubbs is now… #

2009-05-12: Tweet Beat

  • Hello, sweet workday #
  • I don’t know if you will ever get out of this funk, but you’ve been looking better lately. #
  • I don’t know if we will ever deal with all this junk, when we’re always chasing safety. #
  • When a machine goes down you have to re-route the product to different machines, not just throw your hands in the air and say screw it! #
  • “Just ’cause I’m sorry doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it at the time.” Good old Snow Patrol! #
  • I’m overwhelmed with phone calls right now. It’s like an avalanche. #

2009-05-11: Tweet Beat

  • I want to log into Windows in text mode and remove a faulty program/driver. How do I do that? Not easily! Shitty operating system. #
  • Not only can #
  • Not only can’t I fix the problem, I can’t even diagnose the problem. Is there a way to list installed components from XP’s CLI? #
  • Good day today. The first of many, I hope. #

2009-05-08: Tweet Beat

  • Fixing a machine. Windows recovery console sucks, FYI. #
  • If someone describes being around you in terms of radiation exposure, you’re doing something wrong. #
  • It turns out that everyone’s angry at a certain annoying salesperson today. Which is good, because they should be. #
  • And now for the largest regrind order of my life. Or if not the largest, at least the most disparate. #
  • Hello there, 1300 hours. You’re late! #
  • There is so much to do, yet here I am, tweeting away like a fool. #
  • Hey, I’d like to be micro-managed today. Think you could help me out with that? Thaaaaanks. #scarcasm FTW. #
  • I’m waiting on the phone whilst someone checks into something that I should have made paperwork for in the beginning to save myself the … #
  • I just want to put this out there… I have contacts at the Royal Canadian Mint. I help them make money (two different ways!). Just an FYI. #
  • I’m going to celebrate Mother’s Day by giving my mum a cape. She needs one, being a human lie detector and all. #
  • For a minute there I felt like putting on a coat. But then I remembered… it’s not winter! #
  • I’m wondering what it’s going to be like to be a dad. #
  • Almost done here, folks! #

2009-05-07: Tweet Beat

  • Oh where is my coffee? #
  • I wish that the taskbar in Ubuntu was more like a continual system tray. Why, exactly, do I need all that text? #
  • No cream for my coffee, and no-one to blame but me. #
  • Kicking myself for drinking so much Scotch and having such a good time when I was young. Gosh, what was I thinking. #

2009-05-06: Tweet Beat

  • Freaking finally wrote something I’m proud of. It’s nothing much, but I like it. I’ve been feeling a drought lately. #
  • Good morning, new day of toil, sweat, blood, and the inevitable tear or two. #
  • Busy morning so far. Just waiting for that business to turn into dollars. #
  • I have my media centre at home running 7.04, as the NV driver screws up S-Vid. Tonight… the ultimate test of 9.04. Will it work? #
  • It’s official. People aren’t having problems because we’ve done something wrong, but because they’re stupid. I can’t duplicate your issue! #
  • I like long walks on the beach, whimsical hats, triangles, warped triangles, closing my eyes to imagine clouds, and eating brussel sprouts. #
  • I would like Last.FM to calculate the amount of time spent listening to an artist. 5 10m songs should weigh the same as 10 5m songs. #
  • I love how the most important things in life get swamped in minutiae. #
  • On the molecular level I’m actually quite busy, thankyouverymuch. #
  • If anyone knows a comparable multisocial client to Gwibber, let me know. I desparately miss Gwibber on my Windows box. #
  • Still at the office, but looking forward to going home to see what the cats peed/pooped on, and then going to small group to hear whatsh … #