2009-06-30: Tweet Beat

  • I'm so sick of this damn song. Maybe I should read or something. #
  • We're doing fewer and fewer special here, and running more and more standard production items. It's a good thing #work #
  • Setting up a Postfix server for SMTP relay duties. #
  • The Dunpar homes fire looks mighty suspicious; they say they'll rebuild, but once the heat's off, they'll probably unload the property. #
  • Someone just said "entities" as "ent titties", which made me imagine a rather odd variety of Tolkienesque pornography. #
  • Hello, 3.5. You're a pretty baby. #fx35 #
  • There's something magical about http://downloadstats.mozilla.com/ and I don't know what it is. #fx35 #
  • Who knew there was a torrent site specifically for British TV? Brilliant! #
  • John Paul Keith "She'll Dance to Anything" ? http://twt.fm/186133 Freaking amazing sound… listen! #

2009-06-29: Tweet Beat

  • Horizontal space theorum: Any raised, horizontal space will eventually be covered in stuff. Want to limit the stuff? Limit the space. #
  • Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and happy and dead tired. #fb #
  • Of course I *can* do it. I just don't want to *have* to do it. #fb #
  • I don't get 'verbal plenary' inspiration. The 'proof texts' for that view are paper-thin imho. #
  • Does language really influence the way we think? FE, if we didn't have a word for "good" and "evil", would we understand those concepts? #

2009-06-25: Tweet Beat

  • I have turned all the characters in BASH green to show solidarity with Iranians and aging programers. #
  • Pet peeve: When I send you an email, read it. Do me that dignity. Respond if you can. But at least read the email. #
  • "Freddie Please" sounds like DW heard Veckatimest and though "gee whilikers! Isn't that keen!" #fb #

2009-06-24: Tweet Beat

  • If you're doing a webcast… BUY A POP FILTER! They're really cheap! And you won't sound like you're pounding the mic into a sandbox! #
  • The guy who made the WinXP disk management tools needs to be staked through the heart… because he's clearly not human. #fb #
  • There is no Holy Land. #fb #

2009-06-19: Tweet Beat

  • Gnome needs a new theme manager. #
  • Don't read over my shoulder. Don't read my book, my magazine, my screen, my phone. If I wanted you to read it, I'd show it to you. #fb #
  • Nothing bothers me more and faster than cheap Chinese pens that don't even write. Hey Bic, your pens didn't used to suck but now they do! #
  • When I ask you to do something, and you say you'll do it, just do it. If it's hard and takes a long time, do it anyways. #
  • Holy high heaven! Thunderbird's native HTML composition is the worst I have ever seen. It's worse than the original version of Word. #shit #
  • It must rankle educated Iranians to see the remnants of the once proud Persian culture reduced to Islamic fundamentalism. #
  • Obama's first days have pretty much resembled Bartlet's first days. Let go the hounds, sir. Let go the hounds of change. #
  • I commin to da hood wif mah sizzors, what. #
  • Why do gangstas and lolcats talk the same? #
  • HTML/CSS coding is like 80/20 rule – 20% actually developing features and 80% adjusting IE specific code. #

2009-06-18: Tweet Beat

  • I am so, so, so frustrated trying to make music right now. NOTHING is working out right. All I want is a nice slow jam! #fb #
  • I don't owe anyone anything. Except money. To loansharks. #
  • I swear, one day I will use the phrase "All the allure and mystique of a temporary tattoo". Other than right now, I mean. #
  • ICHC has officially jumped the shark with ads in their feeds. Annoying! #ads #
  • #inaperfectworld I see the New Jerusalem resting on the earth; heaven and earth are finally one; all things are made new. #

2009-06-17: Tweet Beat

  • The other meaning of my name is "Awesome", or, "More Awesome". #
  • No noose is good noose. #fb #
  • I really hope there's some sort of huge revolution in Iran; I want to be able to say "I was there on Twitter when it happened". Selfish? Ya. #
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista's taskbar is almost unusable with today's computers. I don't use it. I almost exclusively alt-tab. #
  • Why do people I used to know as kids have to grow up? I don't want to know these new, suddenly adult people. #