15 Books

Supposed Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you’ve read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag 15 friends, etc, etc.

1. The Horse and His Boy (C.S. Lewis)
2. Velvet Elvis (Rob Bell)
3. Surprised By Hope (N.T. Wright)
4. Women, Slaves and Homosexuals (William J. Webb)
5. Gardens of the Moon (Steven Erikson)
6. The Darkness the Comes Before (R. Scott Bakker)
7. A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson)
8. The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)
9. Salt (Adam Roberts)
10. Blindsight (Peter Watts)
11. Dune (Frank Herbert)
12. Endless Love (Scott Spencer)
13. Collected Poems (Paul Auster)
14. New Collected Poems (Mark Strand)
15. Swiss Family Robinson (Johann David Wyss)

HT to Chris Hubbs on this one. I tag no-one.

2009-07-30: Tweet Beat

  • http://drop.io/54sed8b #
  • Everything is difficult. Time to get over that, people. #
  • My boss doesn't read any of the emails I send him. It's like communicating with a brick wall built out of bullshit bricks. #
  • Not entirely enamoured of work this morning. More wanting to take it out back behind the barn and put it out of its misery. #
  • I don't understand why I'm having so many problems with the #tb3b3 indexing. No-one else seems to. #
  • More coffee! #
  • There's nothing worse than having to toast your browser profile. I hate losing stuff like that. #
  • Which is a good question; if I'm accessing the cloud, why can't I mirror my profile data in the cloud somewhere? #
  • Alright, so my page validates HTML 4 Trans. Which is okay. I don't have time for CSS bullshit right now. #
  • Now my page validates XHTML 1.1 Strict. Which is cool. Because that's hard. And it looks the same. 10% longer though. 90% more time spent. #
  • Going out to deposit the cheque. #
  • If everyone's always bitching on Twitter, it's going to make this place a cesspool. #
  • http://www.jamesgriffioen.net/ Someone needs to nuke Detroit from space. #

2009-07-29: Tweet Beat

  • The kitchen… it sparkles! #
  • Anyone hear Barnaby Bright's "If I Came Back As A Song"? ? http://twt.fm/229695 #
  • So I made more ice cream today… and it's awesome. Just FYI. Great stuff. #
  • Is Apple trying to make Microsoft look good with its iPhone antics? Jeez. I want one… but not that badly. #
  • Windows Update Error Message 0xD0000006 is making me crazy. WTF is it? Microsoft sure doesn't seem to know. #
  • Okay so hopefully things will slow down a little bit here. #
  • When people are given to constant exaggeration, it's hard to guage their reality and interact with it. #
  • There's nothing quite as insulting as being given a useless or worthless reward. It feels like you've been tricked and manipulated. #fb #
  • I hate being yelled at for things that are my fault. I hate it because I'm already yelling at myself and that's all I need. #
  • You really can't top the feeling of fixing a problem. Even if it's your problem. There's something about making things right, eh? #
  • I think class struggles are something we're always going to have with us, even if it's just country mouse/city mouse. #
  • The anticipation of vacation is, I think, almost as good as the vacation itself. But the days leading up to it? What a nightmare slog. #
  • I swear, every time I see something from Fox News, I think "this is why American conservative are the laughingstock of the world." #
  • Any sufficiently digital playback is indistinguishable from copying. #quotes #
  • Sparkles The Stripper Dog! #failedchildrensbooktitles #
  • Harry Potter Does Los Vagas #failedchildrensbooktitles #
  • I want an extension for Thunderbird that will send out mail after a specified delay. Anyone know of one? #

2009-07-28: Tweet Beat

  • Hot and sour soup? Done. Now for some laundry! #
  • I dislike being manipulated. #
  • Twitbin is pretty awesome so far. #
  • Going to eat some hot and sour soup from last night's soup-making excursion. #
  • And another rush job worms its slimy self out of the wordwork. Shit. #
  • Another quote bites the dust! #
  • I don't want to step into that place where I know their deepest thoughts. #
  • Salesmen ignoring our free shipping policy again. Asshat. #
  • Never learns. Does the same over & again. Loses his shirt. No backbone. Poor when he shouldn't be. Taking me with him. #
  • Who are all these people following me and why are they doing it? #
  • /ddeboer.php&is=grumpy&wants=togohome&needs=morecoffee #
  • That fax machine beeping is enough to make me homicidal. #
  • Finding loopholes and blocking them is an arms race–we all know it–but it's so damn fun! #

2009-07-27: Tweet Beat

  • Thunderbird 3b3 is pretty good. But the indexing is going crazy about once daily for me. #tb3b3 #
  • Okay, so it's ice cream now. #

2009-07-22: Tweet Beat

  • Great new music: Acetate Zero's "Hesitation Blues", Jack Penate's "Everything is New", John Paul Keith's "Spills & Thrills". Check them out! #
  • Laura: "You have a Darwin beard!" Me: "I'll show you the origin of MY species!" #

2009-07-20: Tweet Beat

  • I want Google to differentiate between Gmail and Google apps at the subdomain level so I can block it there. Way to make my life harder! #
  • In a few short weeks I will be turning 28 (I think). That's pretty old. #
  • If I hear "When God says no, what he's really saying is, 'Don't hurt yourself!'" Well… yes, but there's more to it, you know? #
  • Screw you, Automatic Updates. I don't want to re-start Windows ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY! #
  • And unequally yoked marriages destroy God's primary picture of himself and the church. That's the big reason. Everything else is ancillary. #
  • Twitter is better than tRF because you see only who you want. Twitter is worse than tRF because you only see who you want. #
  • I need another coffee. Can I get an amen? #
  • Selling to end users is difficult. Distributors have their place. Selling to end users, though, is still more profitable. #
  • Why does #google not support ubiquitous HTTPS? I know, overhead, latency, bandwidth, etc. But still. #
  • One of my customers just reported using Firefox. Second one in a week. Which is cool, except this problem is Fx-only. #
  • My boss is constantly asking me to turn off the Facebook filter. I do, but then I turn it on again. That's what I get for using OpenDNS. #
  • 808's and Heartbreak is a wonderful album. "You showed me pictures of your kids, all I can show you are pictures of my cribs." Niiiiiiiiice. #