2009-09-30: Tweet Beat

  • The Affair of the Lone Banana… not a pretty story, I fear. Still, the BBC will buy this cheap trash! #
  • I am speaking with a guy who sounds like Mr Eccles. Not even a joke. I feel like I'm part of the Goon Show this morning. #
  • 13 calls so far this morning, and I've only been here for one hour. If you ask me, that's just cruel and unusual. #
  • Remember, ladies and gents, aim for the head! #zombieoutbreakIA #
  • It's the end of the month. Everyone is trying to get things on/off the books. It's so freaking busy! #
  • I am the only person I know who has neither satellite nor cable. #
  • If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. #
  • A mouse (small) just ran out from under Becca's desk. I'm pretty sure she'll never recover. #
  • And there goes my temporary crown. Nice timing, temporary crown. #
  • The end of this work day seems determined to remain in the far, far distant future. #
  • Cops in Ontario basically throw any charge the can at anyone they can. Careless driving for fender-benders? No wonder people hate cops. #
  • If I could summarise my experience with Milestones in a nutshell it would be "503". #
  • My friends (and wife) are sending out stuping reply-all emails again. Sheesh, get a chat room already! #

2009-09-29: Tweet Beat

  • So I've pretty much switched all my tv-watching to 720p. More data but looks nicer. Future-proofing a little, too. #
  • I'll bet the use of the words "ill fated night" and "peppermint
    schnapps" correlate almost 1:1. #
  • I highly doubt there will ever be as delightfully eclectic a collection of words as "Teenage", "Mutant", "Ninja", and "Turtles". #
  • I'm calling the recession in Canada officially over. We're so freaking busy right now it's not even funny. Long work days ahoy! #

2009-09-28: Tweet Beat

  • I think the "invisible hand" of the market, specifically Wall Street, has given our collective nuts a good hard squeeze. Thanks, Mr Smith. #
  • Today is performance reviews! Oh no, wait, that's in a different universe where this company has structure and sanity. #
  • I can see our salesmen having real problems using Twitter, what with the word limits and all. #
  • My last sip of coffee tasted like ass. I hope it's not one of those exotic coffees made with real bits of ass. #
  • I like to work lone wolf style. For instance, right now I'm eating a gazelle. Badass. #
  • Somewhere, cold and alone, the bubblewrap taxonomist labours in thankless obscurity. A modern-day hero. Thank you Mr Bubblewrap Man. #
  • Well, the Canadian Armed Forces are officially buying from us. #
  • So… apparently "Who dipped her face in marmalade?" isn't the right thing to say to the newborn's mother. #
  • In case any of you want to watch "Eastwick"… just don't. Paul Gross manages to salvage a few short moments, but the rest is dreck. #
  • TBird Beta 4 has Awesome-bar-like functionality in the Email Address Bar. Finally! It pulls up the most used email addys first. #

2009-09-25: Tweet Beat

  • So I have to sign and non-disclosure agreement today. #
  • This is me posting from the command line. Does it work? #
  • Oh, now thats cool. Im such a geek! #
  • Who came up with the idea that married people must sleep in the same bed? #
  • Cheez-it's are disgusting. #
  • Yummy samosa. But just one. #
  • Dear Razorform… there is no such thing as worldwide patent protection. #

2009-09-14: Tweet Beat

  • What was is about today that made me think of going to Camp Selkirk, arriving knowing no-one, and leaving with a boatload of friends? #
  • If you call on Friday at 1700… your stuff is going to be shipped on Monday. Don't be a jackass because time zones are too hard for you. #
  • Twitter is a bit like an echo chamber where idiots repeat idiot things other idiots said. Congratulations, you're all idiots. #
  • Adwords has the best UI of any Google product. They know where their bread is buttered. #

2009-09-11: Tweet Beat

  • We have this process here to cover an edge case that has only been useful once. Yet we do it for every tool. WTF. #
  • So… everyone… Pencils or Pens? #
  • Subscribing to #thewalrus is my best literary purchase of the year so far. It's far and away Canada's best magazine. #
  • Changing around fstab as cifs doesn't like… well, anything. file_mode=octal yay. #

2009-09-08: Tweet Beat

  • Yeah, so about those emails. Reply to them! #
  • How exactly does #thunderbird select contacts via the address bar? Randomly? Is there any way to change this to work like the awesomebar? #
  • Dear American Conservatives: You guys are embarassing yourselves with the almost vertical drop in the level of your public debate. #