2009-12-31: Tweet Beat

  • Breaking News! Fifth dentist caves, recommends Colgate. Details at 6. #
  • Twitter needs to decide if I have 43 or 46 followers. It's confusing the crap out of me. #
  • #resolution: #in2010 I will use my powers solely for good. Except when there is ice cream involved. Then I'll use my powers for AWESOME. #
  • I came in here to do nothing today, and now they're asking me to work. Fah! #
  • Dinosaur Jr.'s "Farm" is pretty darn good! #music #
  • Has #Slashdot changed its metamoderation, or is it just me? It seems to be just another level of moderation now, not judging previous mods. #
  • Freshly-made tabouleh? Done. #

2009-12-30: Tweet Beat

  • Leaving work! #
  • Why don't people understand that you can't eliminate risk? You can mitigate some of it, sure, but you can never eliminate it. #
  • A pretty darn cool chalk board room divider/dressing screen: http://bit.ly/64b7iz #coolstuff #
  • I'm so done with the #holidays. I just want to get back to normalcy. #
  • I'm making a list of unrealistic things to disappoint myself by not doing in the #newyear. #
  • #resolution: This year I will dispose of spent nuclear fuel safely and efficiently. #
  • #resolution: This year I will not impale my enemies on giant spikes. #
  • alt.celebrities.jayleno.die.die.die #
  • #resolution: I will learn another power chord this year. #
  • If you can choose a #songofthedecade, you're not listening to enough music. #
  • #resolution: I will buy a silly hat this year. I want into the club. #

2009-12-29: Tweet Beat

  • Dammit. I thought Kim Kardashian was a TV show, like Kim Possible for trekkers. Tho she does seem to have the right amount of prosthetics. #
  • I keep forgetting how much stuff happened this decade. Personally and globally. I think I should make a list. Or a chart. #
  • Apparently http://www.eatnervosa.com/ has gluten-free pasta in addition to whole wheat. #

2009-12-28: Tweet Beat

  • I hope the person who invented cling wrap was eventually caught and brought to justice, #
  • By the way, "gluten free baking doesn't have to be difficult" is, I suppose, statistically true. Practically, however… #
  • I have managed to produce 12 distinctly different shapes of croissants. I consider myself the Mendel of yeast and flour. #
  • I remember once in YPs trying to do something different with the bible study format. The YP Pres at the time was a jackass about it. #
  • And now going through old stuff I find a letter by the same YP president, seemingly designed to make me angry. Asshole. #
  • I always feel bad when people give me gifts I couldn't possibly want. My mom gave me the "Hero" CD one year… I tried to be thankful! #
  • The amount of trouble you have to go through to get free Kindle books in Canada is almost like working for them. Thanks, Amazon. #
  • Moderator points three times in two days? WTF, #slashdot? #
  • If you went to the movies instead, something else would have happened. Maybe something better. Maybe something worse. You can't know. #
  • Oh yeah. Work tomorrow. Going to be great. Love the thought. #

Apologies To The Queen

When she was in the garage she tried to kiss me one last time
where I had kissed the time I spent on fixing you goodbye.
And in her tart saliva I could taste your coming bitterness
but I didn’t mind. I’d already left you behind.

The cataclysm came much quicker that I’d ever thought.
A question split the cord, confession twisted in knots.
From your metalic tears I mind the iron for a battleship,
but you didn’t fight. You’d already left me behind.

And in a week on Hilton Head, the water taught me how
salt water can cleanse, or it can break a building down.
In the morning light I eyed the shore to find the ediface,
but I couldn’t find a single spire left behind.

Like newborn day, like epitaph.
Like a dream forgotten, how it passed.
These better angels welcome home,
from empty tombs, oh how they’ve flown.

Still, sometimes I forget the words reversed and upside down.
A child so badly written you can’t help but help it drown.
But from those jumbled letters I’ve assembled something wonderful.
Something all mine that I can’t leave behind.

The Kind of Girl

I’ve seen you almost crying, walking to the car.
I’ve watched you slowly dying while I played guitar.
You asked me if I’d play you that simple song,
but I don’t dare play it, cause you’re the kind of girl
I could fall in love with.

You told me that you loved me; I knew what you meant,
but I can’t help imagining what might have been,
if only I had told you I was on the edge.
But I don’t dare say it, cause you’re the kind of girl
I could fall in love with.

I’d take away your pain if you’d ease my regret,
with some whisky in a bottle and some cigarettes.
We could laugh about nothing. That’s as good as it gets.
But I don’t dare repeat it, cause you’re the kind of girl
I could fall in love with.

I know that this is crazy, but I’ll toe the line,
in order to feel something, and to pass the time.
Keep telling me “never”. I don’t mind.
I just can’t believe it. You’re the kind of girl
I could fall in love with.

If we just sit here
and drink coffee together
it doesn’t matter
what they say.

Let’s spend time talking
about something or nothing.
It doesn’t matter
what we say.

All the sentences I use,
they’re perfect when you’re
smiling at me.

The Red Wall

This is your first day.
This is your last day.
Hidden in tear gas,
buried in scattered glass.
Terror is pipe bombs,
nails in the brick wall.
People like strewn dice
over a concrete lawn.

Will you remember all of this,
apalling fall, the tender kiss
of flame and pain and bliss
of being spread over the wall?
The red wall, the red wall, the red wall.

Was it your first breath,
or was it your last breath?
In amneosis, screaming
to let them know
that you have arrive here.
Oh, why are you crying?
You’re supposed to be happy,
you’re supposed to be happy here.

Is this all you remember,
is this all you remember,
is this all you remember,
the red wall?

2009-12-27: Tweet Beat

  • Dyslexia isn't necessarily hooked up to IQ: http://bit.ly/7NcbWn #links #
  • Coolest map ever (most remote areas in the world): http://bit.ly/HN7Ev #links #
  • Drinking some really good coffee I got for christmas. I got beans, ground them myself, made coffee in a french press. All is well. #
  • I just realised I spend most of my time on the internet browsing Google Reader, then Slashdot, then Twitter (by time spent). I need more! #
  • Enigma/Rainmeter is pretty cool. Except that I need a second monitor now. #