2010-06-21: Tweet Beat

  • I'm pretty sure I want a Greyhound. #
  • I wish I could go back and punch Richard Dawkins in the face when he was creating the word "meme". Atheism's holy spirit, that. #
  • So I just sent my dad a Father's Day message. I thought it might be appropriate to have Laura write it for me and then just sign it, but no. #
  • Google Analytics is good. It just needs a Mint-like dashboard landing page for all sorts of data at a glance. #
  • http://thechp.syr.edu/genpat.htm – Gender patterns in friendships… Does this describe your friendships? #
  • http://is.gd/cWX31 – Drunk punctuation nerds are the best, aren't they? #
  • http://is.gd/cWX9p Quasimodo + Horatio = Awesome #
  • I don't understand the thing people think funny. #
  • All the interface problems I've been having with Thunderbird? Microsoft Security Essentials is to blame. Had to exclude the binary. #
  • Well if the guy who gets paid to drive the bus thinks so, it must be true! #
  • Here's a little rhyme for all you nerds out there: http://www.rmfo-blogs.com/daniel/2010/06/19/factory/ #
  • "Something unexpected happened and we don't know what, why, or how to deal with it." #quotes At least they're honest! #
  • 3D text is harder in inkscape than it should be. #
  • How can anyone not love Indian food? #
  • Just registered a new domain name… okaywhatever.com #
  • There's such a thing as being too precious. #
  • Don't name any of your children Raychel. #
  • Complaining about running out of original ideas… it's official: We've run out of original ideas. #
  • Quote # 18100 as of right now. That's right. I've spent a large portion of my life getting to that number. #
  • I'm thinking of starting to take bribes. That should round out my income a fair bit. #
  • "Surprise! People are different, and some aren't interested in the things you're interested in. That doesn't make them defective." #quotes #
  • "I am becoming gerund, destroyer of verbs." #quotes #

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