2010-12-31: Tweet Beat

  • The Town was actually a pretty good film. Nothing particularly ground-breaking, but pretty good nonetheless. #
  • Moira's lying beside me and her legs are a-twitching! I've never seen Turtle do that… it's a bit bizarre. #

2010-12-30: Tweet Beat

  • Drunk On Aluminum is such a great song. Fantastic. Listen to it. And agree. #
  • No, I don't you trying casual and obvious manipulation. #
  • I used to dream about saving the world. Now I just dream about the holidays. #
  • When you're grey as a ghost / will you have paid your dues / in forty years of forty hour blues… #
  • The rhythm on Like Eating Glass is so fantastic. I'd forgotten. And Positive Tension is even better! #
  • The beginning of Boris's Farewell is so deceptively peaceful. #
  • But of course like most of Boris's music, eventually a guttural guitar takes over. Love that sound. #
  • I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning is still a great album after all these (five?) years. Could listen to it a hundred times. Probably have. #
  • This year we focus on the things we like instead of the things we don't like. #
  • I just want to get this out there: Paul Allen is an insult to the lowest kind of scum. #
  • Just got a call from a guy looking for some woodcutting upcut routers. His website is an Etsy store. Awesome! #

2010-12-28: Tweet Beat

  • I can't wait till I find that the server isn't acrually down but someone is doing something stupid. #
  • Server is actually down. Hurray! #
  • Server is out for repair. #

2010-12-23: Tweet Beat

  • Photo: http://tumblr.com/xho1418n1g #
  • You know, it doesn't take guts to be irreverent and post modern anymore. It takes guts to be earnest and straightforward. #
  • Just because we've found the soap we like doesn't mean we can't keep smelling more soaps! #
  • Please God, let there be a stray refill in there. #
  • Alright. On my way out the door. Just need to drop by Purolator, and then I'm done. #
  • The storyline of Nip/Tuck is just a little retarded. #
  • Yeah I totally just bought the Humble Bundle 2. And apparently I overpaid. 🙂 #
  • No, I didn't ask you to bring those back, curlymullet! #
  • Yeah, so I wonder if the interwebs could get any more boring before Christmas? #
  • On my next iteration of "O Come All Ye Faithful" I'm going to mirror the melody with an old-school super-shiny glidey synth. #
  • Sadly it's time to say goodbye to Joy Electric's Annoying Electric Christmas From Casio Hell. *click* #
  • It's only 14:33 here in sunny suburban Mississauga. Trying to remember why I don't just live on welfare and collect used hats. #

2010-12-22: Tweet Beat

  • Holy crap, I don't like Christmas music, but I like this Christmas music. #
  • The older I get, the more I appreciate The Dreamlife of Angels. #
  • Some mornings you try to tiptoe around it. #
  • One thing I can say about my family is that we're remarkably healthy people. Until we die at 65. #
  • Talk to me in code. #
  • I just had to dig around in win 7s registry. Linux is easier! Jeez. #
  • Okay, to be honest, I just tuned out there at the end. #
  • 4 days! Can't wait! http://twitpic.com/3ig4so #
  • "I wouldn't recommend alpha rolling a bear, and leash popping a whale is difficult, to say the least." #quotes #fb #