Your Choices Determine Your Destiny

1) Your choices determine your destiny. That is to say your choices resonate through time, both now and for eternity. Your destiny in this sense is both your subjective temporal condition and your objective eternal condition.

2) Choices, when examined from a collective perspective as opposed to an individual perspective, exist as a chaotic system (if you plot choice, you can find topological mixing and dense periodic orbits).

3) Chaotic systems are sensitive to initial conditions. This isn’t to say a chaotic choice system is deterministic. That is to say, a chaotic choice system doesn’t exclude free will, but also doesn’t exclude predestination.

4) God determines initial conditions. God created the universe and breathed his breath into the first man. He set the system in motion and as such determined its initial conditions.

5) Your choices are (at very least) strongly influenced by God.

This is a terribly deist way of looking at things and probably abuses the idea of chaotic systems past its breaking point. But it’s at least some cool sophistry, right?