2010-05-31: Tweet Beat

  • Theological discussions on Twitter always sound stupid. #
  • Is there some sort of holiday in the states today? #
  • The newspaper industry is slowly dying. And you can see they've accepted that. There's no innovation, no trying to keep readers. #

2010-05-29: Tweet Beat

  • I want Will Smith to play me in the film that will inevitably be made of my life. #
  • Thunder. This should be good. #
  • Virtualizing a server. #
  • Installing the ACPI multi-processor driver for Win2k. Yeah, I know. Decade-old operating system, toddling along on its last legs. #

2010-05-28: Tweet Beat

  • Hadoken? They're okay. More of the same really. Some really epic sequences, but mostly meh. #
  • Moving on to Eluvium. Starts off with a piano riff. So far so good! #
  • Thunder. This should be good. #
  • Posting from Tweetdeck to see if anything happens… #
  • So this Tweetdeck piece of shit is a piece of shit. #
  • Posting to Twitter. #
  • Holy balls, I'm hot. #
  • Stand in front of the fan for a few minutes… then back to lifting boxes. #
  • I just figured out what I like about my job. I have a high level of autonomy. Most days I set my own schedule. #
  • Sometimes I spell my last name wrong, still. I'm a bit of retard. #
  • Facebook is passe. #

2010-05-27: Tweet Beat

  • Lee wins? That's lame. #
  • Lee Dewyze has just butchered "Beautiful Day". Are you happy, America? #
  • Laura could not have married a worse anti-placebo. New glasses? "Nah, they won't reduce headaches." I should shut up more. #
  • #yougottaloveitwhen all the urban youth on Twitter are dry-humping another stupid hash-tag. #
  • Invoices? Done. The MONEY goes in the JAR. #
  • So I have a bunch of Mexicans yelling at me. Apparently I'm a Mexican't. #
  • http://meagainstthem.com/2010/05/26/4203/ #
  • Setting up a tasks program seems like work, and it fills time like work, and it helps me do work better. Still feels like cheating. #
  • "Practice & practise, capital & capitol, effect & affect, principle & principal, fart & phart…" *crickets* #quotes #
  • Taking away access is a lot harder than giving it. I think we all need to remember that. #
  • On the way out of the parking garage… a drunk guy peeing down the steps. I didn't want to see that. #
  • Igor Vega's "We Don't Care EP" is pretty much fantastic. #
  • Dear Silvio Pfiffner, We get it. You really, really like Sigur Ros's "( )". Unfortunately, Sigur Ros already made that record. #

2010-05-26: Tweet Beat

  • I find the phrase "thanks in advance for your prompt response" triggers in me a desire to never, ever respond. #
  • "Cold War" by The Morning Benders is far too short a song at 1:44. #
  • Working with a sister who comes in every morning bitchy as hell is not pleasant. #
  • Chinese for breakfast? Good stuff. #
  • Ugliest device I've seen in a long time: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/05/25/aluratek-libre-revie.html #
  • Dear Mr Gonzales of MPT Mexico, your tools are shipping today. I hope you're happy with our swift deliveries. #
  • I'd forgotten Moving Day was on Saturday. Gosh. #
  • Histoire de Melody Nelson is quite good. #
  • I love that the people in Mexico just expect us to cover shipping costs. We're shipping your tools the length of a continent. Good luck. #
  • I want me some good creepy sci-fi. Something more Fringe-y that Fringe. Something more Trek-y than Trek. #
  • And the list of "People I Don't Want To Friend On Facebook" lengthens. #

2010-05-25: Tweet Beat

  • Dear Rogers Wireless. Thanks for devaluing my business by offering me a "free ringtone" as a reward for my business. Insulting. #
  • Doing regrinds this morning. Feels like a waste of my talents. #
  • Nothing will demolish the immaculate past as quickly as a vision of the tarnished present. #
  • I feel like I never really woke up this morning. #
  • Sometimes I think that I'm wasting my time with menial work here. #
  • I'm only nine emails away from ZERO. #
  • The stuff that accumulates on the bottom of mice is gross. Computer mice that is. I can't speak for real mice. #

2010-05-21: Tweet Beat

  • I'm so very sick of this salesman. He's an asshole. #
  • I've never read much of @gruber before, but it's hilarious to see the militancy whenever Apple is "attacked". Sad. #
  • I just got an email that used the word "rush" this many times: RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH. Now I want to listen to RUSH. #
  • I guess the people who're emailing me don't realise that the new "rush" is PANIC. #
  • Oh and the next person who says "I need it yesterday!" and then giggles at their own clever joke gets kicked in the nuts. Or ovaries. #
  • Whore In Pieces #lesserbooks #
  • Holy shit, the British Olympic Mascots are scary. If I met one of those in a dark alley, I would try to KILL IT WITH FIRE. #
  • I'm looking forward to two shows this upcoming TV season: Mr Sunshine & The Good Guys. #