2010-06-30: Tweet Beat

  • The casting department at USA network sure has a thing for normal-sized women. It's kind of… neat. #
  • Okay, so that wasn't enough sleep. #
  • Toronto cops including and especially Chief Bill Blair are a bunch of bumblefucks. The "weapons" they've displayed? Larping equipment! #
  • Aw, Larry king is retiring! Does that mean we can finally turn him into a nice pair of boots? #
  • Ruh roh, hits are down 55% #
  • Firefox 4 is pretty cool, actually. The Firefox orange dropdown looks a little tacky, but you can't have everything I guess. #
  • Setting up a laptop for my boss's vacation. This time I got him a sturdy laptop with smaller specs so it doesn't matter when he destroys it. #
  • That nostril required… in-depth analysis. #
  • The Firefox start page doesn't have auto-suggest. And it's ugly. Time for an update, boys. #
  • So apparently it's pretty rude to compliment a dog as the most attractive member of someone's household. Noted! #
  • I've done my part. I've suggested a feature to an open-source developer and he agreed it's something the program needs. #
  • The photos provided are low-quality, are in .bmp format, are difficult to work with, and are part of a job I don't want to do. Sorry. #
  • Now I'm family tech support. It makes me so warm and fuzzy to be needed. #
  • There. Now you won't be confused any longer you gigantic freak. #
  • "Holland will rise to the challenge!" "Want to put money on that?" "No…" "Didn't think so!" #
  • More acronyms please! #
  • Holy crap, setting up a new Mozilla Thunderbird account in TB 3.1 is so. freaking. easy! #
  • http://is.gd/damGU #
  • Okay, so speech recognition is kind of cool. #
  • Singing "Edelweiss" as Sean Connery is shum sherioush fun. #

2010-06-29: Tweet Beat

  • The victor belongs to the spoils. #
  • The day I instal Norton *anything* on a computer is the day I hand in my Good Person ™ certification. #
  • I'm at Starbucks on Hurontario & Brittania. As if anyone gives a shit. #
  • The amount of crap that comes on computers these days. I do declare! It makes me grumpy. #
  • Oooh I like the word meta-rational. #
  • I can't tell you how much I hate Scottish accents. Really thick Scottish accents especially. #
  • RT @NateJan: That was a long work day. I wonder if ill ever be acknowledged for this type of thing. // I was here till 7. We all do it. #
  • I love shameless self-promotion. #

2010-06-28: Tweet Beat

  • Iiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Monday! #
  • The "protests #
  • The "protests" in Toronto and the police presence there is laughable. Almost nothing happened! #
  • New word: Scambag. N. Someone who grifts the elderly and disabled. #
  • Monday is my most productive day. By far. #
  • Let them see the things you consider your failures. They may learn to love them more than your successes. #
  • I'm pretty sure soccer needs things on the net that can tell you if you scored or not. Or if you're offside or not. That would help. #
  • Calling our dear customers. Wonderful! #
  • Goal? #
  • Camera: Bought. Waterproof, ftw. #
  • Dear Gateway, Thank you for wrapping the laptop in so much plastic. It won't get pregnant in shipping. Good thinkifying! #
  • So the pleasure of drinking a fine wine might be result of cost & brand… but that doesn't make the pleasure any less real. #
  • I want to live in a place where I don't need to have a car. #
  • Happy Birthday, Felicia Day! #
  • Sure, I'm going to trust an email that says "LOAN OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!" because the more bangs the better!!!!!!!!!! #
  • arturd@customer.com? That's a fantastic email address. #

Bullet points on the G-20

  • The G-20 site, the police build up, the protesters, the violence: It’s all artificial.
  • The site, Toronto, was chosen to showcase the city. Yet Toronto is pretty well known on the world stage. It’s not really hidden. And a summit of this type doesn’t give anyone a real positive image, you know? They could have chosen a remote Northern location (like Huntsville) to hold the G-20 and saved a billion dollars or so.
  • The police buildup wasn’t about the police buildup per se, and certainly wasn’t about the G-20. It was more about the Mr Harper’s crime & punishment mentality (that has failed so very brutally in the US), and his desire to give more powers and more equipment to the police. They got their new toys, a shitload of money, and the power to arrest people and search bags for no reason whatsoever (a policy that has failed so brutally in the UK)
  • The protests aren’t really about anything. They’re professional protesters who like to burn & break things. They bus in from other places, and the protests aren’t organic. Plus the protests were fairly small. Nothing much happened. The media are reacting like overactive children, the police are treating protesters like they’re the Vietcong, and our beloved Mayor Miller is running around flapping his hands like an angry chicken. Over a few burning police cars and a few broken windows. Compare that to, say, the 1999 WTO protest in Seattle. If anything, the protests have convincingly demonstrated that Canada is a hayseed backwater ruled by tinpot dictators and hysterical nannies.

2010-06-27: Tweet Beat

  • Two fantastic scenes: McNaulty telling D's mom she didn't care, and Stringer telling Avon. MAN. AWESOME. #
  • Nooooo! Stringer! #
  • Man, Detroit is such a miserable, miserable city. #
  • Mexico's really not defending… at all. #
  • Wizard of Oz? Really, CBC? #

2010-06-26: Tweet Beat

  • At work. Yay! Coming home from a party is never fun without stopping by work on the way home! #
  • http://tweepi.com/ Pretty cool set of Twitter tools. #
  • BEST COFFEE EVER. No lie. Fresh-ground beans with a French press. Yummy! #
  • I'm a nerd. I'm actually reading Brampton's animal control bylaws. #
  • Mississauga.ca is probably the worst website ever. It's clearly been designed by beauracrats. #

2010-06-25: Tweet Beat

  • Music You Have To Hear Before You Die: Do Make Say Think, "Winter Hymn, Country Hymn, Secret Hymn" #music #
  • Dammit, my Focus's ignition won't turn unless I whack it with something hard. #
  • The new sales guy placed an order… for standard tooling. That's the way we like it! #
  • I think I like Venn Diagrams because they break complicated things down into easily digestable logic-bites. #
  • Some guy was like, "I got an iPhone 4!" today, and I was like, "Cool, but I'm not really into Pokemon, bro." #
  • http://is.gd/d3Nln Via #BBCNews Africa is witnessing the birth of a new ocean #
  • https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Afar_Depression (for more information and fewer soundbites) #
  • Some of my friends keep complaining about their debt level. I'm thinking they should join the European Union. #
  • https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. African success story? #
  • Day is winding down. Going to leave in 15 or so. #

Be an adult, shoulder your responsibilities, stop acting like a child

Who are these man-children who get on the internet and act like spoiled teenagers? You can’t play video games until three in the morning anymore? You have chores and responsibilities? You can’t give every woman who walks by the old lingering leer? You can’t drink seventeen beers in a row because your internal organs and your children protest?

Well no shit. You’re a grown up. Act like it.

Listen, no-one forced you into any particular kind of life. You chose it. You chose to get married, to buy a house, to have kids, to get a dog. If you didn’t want those things, you could have had a different life, one where you just barely hung onto a job while paying the minimum possible attention to anything except your vapid male stereotype. Of course you don’t actually want that life, or you’d be doing it. So what’s with the bellyaching?

Man up. The default position of every life is hard. It’s not going to be easy, at least not very often, and you need to get used to that. You’re going to have to push your way through a lot of crap to get where you want to be. Stop whining about it. If you need help, get help. Get some friends to lean on.

All that stuff you have? The wife, the house, the kids? It’s what you chose. It’s worth it. You’re doing something important. Do it well and for the love of holy Moses, stop shitting up my interwebs with your whiny fake crises.

Answer your email. Just do it. It’s not hard.

I have it at work and at home. People that just don’t answer email. You send them something… and nothing. Not a peep. No indication that they received your message, no quick reply, no courtesy.

It’s just rude. Don’t do it. It’s not Facebook or something where people just shout into the abyss and expect to hear nothing back. It’s an email. It carries a bit more weight, especially if you’re a friend or a business partner.

Just saying. If you email me and I don’t email back, you’re excused for thinking I’m not really that interested in you.

2010-06-24: Tweet Beat

  • Laura is having a bit of trouble concentrating on her studying. #
  • http://is.gd/cLD61 How to create a sick system; for all you macheavalian boss types. #
  • Why are browser icons all round? #
  • http://is.gd/d1mMe Andrew Bird solo performance @ The Basement #
  • Good morning my beautiful Twitter people. #
  • We have this guy here who's always trying to email .bmp files to people. Just doesn't understand why his email thrashes trying to send. #
  • Anyone know of an image editor in Windows that will accept instructions via command line? #
  • I hate simple problems that turn into non-simple problems and take half a day to solve. #
  • I just tried to use "mv" in Windows. SIGH. #
  • Oh my stomach! #
  • http://is.gd/d2q18 Linkbait generator! #
  • GOAAAALLLL, etc. #
  • MP James Moore is a bit of a loudmouth douchnozzle. Dude, just shut up and get back to blowing the RIAA. #
  • You can make anything appear insincere and sarcastic by adding "etc" to the end of it. Give it a shot! Good luck, etc. #