2010-10-29: Tweet Beat

2010-10-28: Tweet Beat

2010-10-27: Tweet Beat

  • This evening at Subway, I ordered behind an American who epitomized every American stereotype. He was very rude. #
  • So yeah. Flushing the ACL cache isn't really a thing. But it's what we're going with. #
  • Dear Gmail's SMTP Server, NOW IS NOT THE TIME. Signed, ddeboer #
  • RT @azaaza: Hosting data and websites for free using DNS cache. http://bit.ly/d9v47O #
  • Photo: http://tumblr.com/xhonfv32r #
  • Sometimes I'm pretty sure most of my emails sound British. #
  • "head over heels" makes no sense. It should be "heels over head"! #
  • Dear US Supreme Court, Money is not speech. Regards, Everyone #

2010-10-26: Tweet Beat

  • Photo: http://tumblr.com/xhon67t2w #
  • I don't like that Hootsuite doesn't track Twitter web retweets. #
  • I found myself behind a "Ron Paul Revolution" bumper sticker today. Ontario plates. Wonder if he knows he's in Canada. #
  • http://www.useit.com/ it hilarious looking. Maybe Jakob needs some help from http://www.designit.com/. #
  • Remember that if gratitude is your attitude, your altitude won't be your faultitude! #encdan #
  • RT @ddeboerlistens2 #NowPlaying ELEMENT – Matthew Mayfield // Fantastic song! #
  • RT @stuffihatetoday: MUST-VOTERS. If I don't vote, I have every right to complain. Free speech isn't limited to people who do what you want. #
  • I had the good sense to dodge that phone call. Excellent! #
  • Holy crap, we're actually talking to realtors. Shit just got REAL. #

2010-10-25: Tweet Beat

  • Reading Surface Detail. Will be incommunicado for a while. #
  • "Compilers are like boyfriends, you miss a period and they go crazy on you." #quotes #
  • Firefox still slows down when a tab is "thinking". This bothers me. #
  • I'm running out of steam here. #
  • Why would you want a lossless file of a live recording? #
  • I want to keep adopting personas until I die. It keeps things fresh and interesting. For instance, tomorrow I will be Encouraging Dan. #
  • Photo: http://tumblr.com/xhon5rfx3 #

2010-10-24: Tweet Beat

2010-10-22: Tweet Beat

  • Dosa tonight: GOOD. Paneer Masala Dosa. Could not ask for better. #
  • Why do I have #oldtwitter again?!? #
  • While we walked into No Frills tonight, EMTs were wheeling an old lady out on a stretcher. Laura: "The prices must be *really* low!" #
  • Old photos of subway systems are almost magical. They don't make them like that any more. #