In The Case Against Economic Disaster Porn Noreen Malone takes issue with photos of crumbling Detroit. They’re presenting the city as static, something that can’t be saved. (Read the article for yourself; it has that snivelling snark only TNR can really pull off.)

The question is, of course, why bother? The market has spoken. Why try to save Detroit? What great value does The Rusty City have that we all need to band together to resuscitate its mouldy corpse?

The people living in Detroit will eventually move away until it finds its equilibrium. It might not be a pretty place at the end of the day, or a prosperous one, but it will exist to remind us that not everyone can be prosperous forever.

2011-01-31: Tweet Beat

  • One of the salespeople just handed in notice! So that saves the trouble of firing him. #
  • I have both the Ghostbuster's and X-Files themes playing in my head right now. It's going to be an interesting day. #
  • I think "fartnugget" is this generation's "cellar door". #
  • Dear Wind Mobile, your Android phones suck. Not even in the same league as other carriers. #
  • My computer keeps running out of memory. #
  • Yay. This is a fantastic day. #
  • How odd. They don't have a fax machine. Of all the companies. #
  • <!– START OF SOURCE CODE SECURITY (PAGE=INDEX) –> Oh yeah, way to protect your shitty HTML. Way to go. #

2011-01-29: Tweet Beat

  • WTF. Can't access Google. #
  • Sometimes I hate how long American TV seasons are. And how long shows go on. Nip/Tuck is a horrible offender. Should have ended at 2nd ssn. #
  • The only disappointing thing about The Wire is that I'll never be able to watch it for the first time again. #
  • IF your plot hinges on someone developing and then recovering from amnesia, you're doing it wrong. #
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is a fantastic name. #
  • What's in the water in Arizona, exactly? That place is screwed up. #
  • fringe #
  • New verb, "sperg". To tantrum about a slight wrong. Eg, someone quotes the Matrix badly, and sperg out on them. #

2011-01-28: Tweet Beat

  • Who has one thumb and was making tabbouleh until the knife slipped? THIS GUY! #
  • Snark about an everything bagel not having everything on it. #
  • Thank you for your bizarre, Byzantine business, General Electric. #
  • Dear Iron & Wine, what the hell am I listening to? Love, ddeboer #
  • If I had to pick a person in the entire US most corrupted by lust for power, it'd have to be Joe Lieberman. #
  • First RFQ from Pakistan. #
  • All those small, cheap, local pain-in-the-ass shops who disappeared in the recession are popping back up. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu #
  • It's been a good 10 year since I've used Usenet. Interesting. #

2011-01-27: Tweet Beat

  • And just like that, OpenOffice doesn't recognize its own formats. WTF? #
  • LibreOffice installed. WHAT. A.WRETCHED. NAME. #
  • Dear Mozilla, you changed the Panorama shortcut AGAIN? Come on! #
  • Maybe it should be CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-E-PGUP-7-SCROLL LOCK so it's super easy to access with my seven hands! #
  • I should use my skillset as a hostage negotiator or a crisis councillor. #
  • I just got some FREE music from Andrew Belle. You can download it here: #
  • Noisetrade's user interface really bugs me. Great site except for that. Oh, yeah, and search. #
  • I cna't spell. #
  • I just followed @TheOldDerekWebb. I have a pretty good idea who's behind this. #
  • Using the phrase "like a dinosaur" means you're, like, a dinosaur or something. And yes, I am. #
  • Okay, I want a tablet running Android 3. That looks awesome. #

2011-01-24: Tweet Beat

  • Wow, I'm tired this morning. #
  • The bulk modulus of silicon-based glass is around 35-55 GPa. #
  • Photo: #
  • Photo: #
  • I don't know how we thought it would be worth it. Another pile of money gone. #
  • I'd forgotten the genius of The Morning Benders. #
  • That's a $600,000 PO. Not every day you see that. #
  • I want to see your story become my dreams. #charlieisawesome #
  • Man, I'm so glad I don't live in or near or in the same country as Camden, New Jersey. That's one sad place. #

2011-01-22: Tweet Beat

  • Got the softbox set up, got the lighting in place, got the camera and subjects ready and realised someone took out the SDHC card. DOH! #

2011-01-21: Tweet Beat

  • You know all the vintage effects you're tossing all over your photos? Gonna look pretty stupid in a few years. #
  • When someone has high number of followers/followees at an almost 1:1 ratio… SPAMMER. Or affiliate program. Almost as bad. #
  • I'm drinking coffee and it's good. But I don't feel well, so it's not good. I'm not sure what to do here, but stop drinking isn't an option. #
  • I hate your stupid TV show. #
  • How are we still stuck at 17 pages? It's been… four days so far. I hate this. #
  • Twitter is the opposite of epic today. Let's get this party started, people! #
  • I really have a short attention span for stupidity. How about I don't answer your stupid email and you figure it out by yourself. Dolt. #
  • Let's play another fun game of "at least it's not lupus!" #