2011-02-28: Tweet Beat

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  • LinkedIn's settings are a mess. #
  • Consumption is a disease. I'm not a consumer. I'm a citizen, a taxpayer, a voter, and a producer. #
  • You know, I love Snow Crash and everything, but it's basically neurolinguistics' Da Vinci Code. #
  • I think I need a vacation. #
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  • Yeah, that's one dirty FM synth. Love it. #
  • I never want to drink another lager again. Screw Canadian beer. #

2011-02-26: Tweet Beat

  • What should I be writing about instead of looking at Twitter? I dunno. Fresh out of ideas. You tell me. #
  • Holy crap, I used the phrase "mime the gap" twice in three years and didn't even realise I was repeating myself. #
  • Huh. I had no idea Rae Armantrout had won a Pulitzer. I guess that means she's too mainstream for me now 😉 #
  • I'll never forget the image of a boy playing with a cap gun in the street while in the distance a church plays a recording of bells. #
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10 Forms of Twisted Thinking

10 Forms of Twisted ThinkingBoth David Burns (bestselling author of Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy and Abraham Low (founder of Recovery, Inc.) teach techniques to analyze negative thoughts (or identify distorted thinking — what psychologists call “cognitive distortions”) so to be able to disarm and defeat them.

Since Low’s language is a bit out-dated, I list below Burns’ “Ten Forms of Twisted Thinking,” (adapted from his “Feeling Good” book, a classic read) categories of dangerous ruminations, that when identified and brought into your consciousness, lose their power over you.

1. All-or-nothing thinking (a.k.a. my brain and the Vatican’s): You look at things in absolute, black-and-white categories.

2. Overgeneralization (also a favorite): You view a negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat.

3. Mental filter: You dwell on the negatives and ignore the positives.

4. Discounting the positives: You insist that your accomplishments or positive qualities don’t count (my college diploma was stroke of luck…really, it was).

5. Jumping to conclusions (loves alcoholic families): You conclude things are bad without any definite evidence. These include mind-reading (assuming that people are reacting negatively to you) and fortune-telling (predicting that things will turn out badly).

6. Magnification or minimization: You blow things way out of proportion or you shrink their importance.

7. Emotional reasoning: You reason from how you feel: “I feel like an idiot, so I must be one.”

8. “Should” statements (every other word for me): You criticize yourself or other people with “shoulds,” “shouldn’ts,” “musts,” “oughts,” and “have-tos.”

9. Labeling: Instead of saying, “I made a mistake,” you tell yourself, “I’m a jerk” or “I’m a loser.”

10. Blame: You blame yourself for something you weren’t entirely responsible for, or you blame other people and overlook ways that you contributed to a problem.

You can learn more about the 15 common cognitive distortions (e.g., the most common forms of twisted thinking with more in-depth explanations and examples), as well as how you can fix cognitive distortions once you’ve identified them.

2011-02-25: Tweet Beat

  • Oy, that's some fatty bass. And it wobbles! #
  • Audio: Trying to create dubsteppin wobble bass. Kind of worked. Needs a low pass. http://tumblr.com/xho1lrv30a #
  • There is too much internet. #
  • INTERESTING: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/frzzq/iama_prolific_dumpster_diver_i_have_not_bought/ #
  • It's sad how excited my parents' dog gets whenever anyone pays the smallest bit of attention to him. #
  • Thou shalt not, but I did and the glory departed / a crane tumbling headless to the ground. #
  • Off to MSM! Yay! I'm a driver now! #
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  • Now that I think about it, a lot of Mutemath's Amistice seems littered with dupstep touches. #
  • Oh, I see how they did that. Keep the triangle steady, layer it with a square, but hook the square to an LFO and just tweak the know. Neat! #
  • Dear Neocons, I find your philosophy condescending. I don't need a narrative or a myth or a lie to make me do things. #

2011-02-24: Tweet Beat

  • Oooh a big fat saw side-chained to the kick. Me likey! #
  • Well, the entire 531 series is now EOL. Good luck to all of those of you who bought them. #
  • Well I just didn't know Mae was over and done with. That sucks! The Everglow is a fantastic album. #
  • And the 532 series is fully deprecated too. Yay. #
  • Re-arranging some part numbers. #
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  • I just ran sudo aptitude purge subversion. I felt very Gaddafiesque. #
  • Do you get points for using the word "halcyon"? Because you should. #
  • Especially on the internet. #
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  • "It's an act of God. He gave me a short temper." #
  • When you're dealing with Indian distributors, it helps to not take anything personally, but also to learn how to say "no". Often. #
  • I hate writing. Long-form especially. It's a miserable process. #
  • Ah, my first roll-up-the-lose-to-lose. Fantastic stuff. By the way, I lost. #
  • Putting FAIL on a picture? You're a moron. End of discussion. #
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  • When you say, "I'm 32, married, educated and employed," I don't think, wow, that person sounds happy. I think, wow, that sounds dull. #
  • There are so many things that make me happy. Mostly little things. This is as it should be, I think. #
  • Wintersleep's "Welcome To The Night Sky" may be one of the best albums of the last ten years. #
  • I'm hearing whispers of an infinite yes. #
  • That's what my therapist said, "We're alone in this wilderness, / Left to choke on the pills and to feed on the viruses." #

2011-02-23: Tweet Beat

  • What exactly was that Dell Wireless connection utility doing? Nothing good, that's what. #
  • I love Wubi. Good shit. #
  • How did this idiot install his pirated copy of Microsoft Office on a locked down computer. #
  • Pirated copy of MS Office? GONE. But before anyone at Microsoft starts counting their essentially free money, I'm installing OpenOffice. #
  • For some reason Horse Feathers' "Thistled Spring" is really working wonders right now. #
  • I have to throw a quick frequency analyser on each of those tracks and figure out low / high passes. Maybe some EQ too. #
  • I hate Twitter's web interface so very much. #
  • Would you shut up about friggen babies already? We get it, you like having them. Talk about something else. PLEASE. #
  • Yeah, that happened. Stupid! #
  • Still spinning James Blake. Wow. Best purchase in a LONG time. #
  • Today's word: "Meatspace". #
  • Replace a cheap, single-purpose object with a fragile, expensive, multi-function device that's useless without batter power? GREAT IDEA. #
  • Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise. #quotes #
  • Banksy is the first really *exciting* artist in decades. #
  • When I write a story, I write what it means first. A lot of exposition. Then I write scenes to fit. It's not rocket science, but it works. #
  • And at the end of it all, if you're not sure what my point is, I've won. #
  • You know that the first company to use vat-grown beef is going to be Taco Bell. #

2011-02-22: Tweet Beat

  • This week is going to be brutal. I'm doing all the jobs now. #
  • Apple's 30% tax is all about getting rid of the middlemen. They want to eliminate things like Netflix in favour of distributing directly. #
  • Listening to James Blake's self-titled album again. Solid gold. #

2011-02-19: Tweet Beat

  • Home. #
  • Really digging the carbonated water right now. #
  • I have once again taken on Derren King, and once again feel like a small child banging on pots and pans. #
  • Downloading "Nixon In China". #
  • I have a powerful hankering to watch Lord of the Rings tonight… #
  • Here's my goal for this year: I will not go to the cineplex to watch a sequel or anything made from a "brand". Adult drama only for me. #
  • I just overheard a guy saying that homeopathy "can't be studied by science… but it works!" That's called PLACEBO, you dumbshit. #
  • Oh great, science can't "understand" homoeopathy so we can dismiss double blind studies! That's great! #
  • Even better, we don't understand the mechanism of modern drugs so anything we can't understand should be a drug! #
  • There's nothing worse than having an idea that seems like a great idea at the time but ends up sucking upon execution. #
  • Holy shit. War and Peace has 560,000+ words. That's… insane. #
  • The internet is probably the greatest invention ever. I mean it. The only better think I can think of is FTL interstellar travel. #
  • Less descriptions of the technological underpinnings off your fantastic fictional exoplanitary empire, and MORE ACTION. #