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  • (My brother runs a leisure club that has membership fees that feed a budget. They required a t-shirt…

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    Family blows.

    (My brother runs a leisure club that has membership fees that feed a budget. They required a t-shirt design by the end of the week, when I had three other jobs on. My brother called me up and begged me to help him – he even offered me a few pounds to sweeten the deal. )

    Brother: Tell me if you can do it or not. I have another guy who will if you don’t want to.

    Myself: I’m really sorry, I’m busy now, and the clients I have sort of paying my rent. Not that I don’t mind the gesture (of offering me £10 to do it).

    Brother: You are family, you should do it for free. I’m doing you a favour giving you money.

    Myself: Sorry, I know, but I’m too busy. If the other guy wants to design it for £10, let him.

    Brother: We are paying him £150, just thought I’d give you the opportunity first.

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  • @BeautifulMess81 Was he drunk? That would be an explanation. #
  • Well, it looks like it's my daily time to be unable to access Google+ #
  • @geofreyflores Who are you listening to? Also, once you get sick of dstep try some UK funky… that stuff's… interesting. #
  • @geofreyflores Not really 🙂 But I made a dubstep song back in the day… check it out: #
  • @masterkari Shut up you annoying kids! #
  • @geofreyflores Thanks. Although it's not finished. Yet. Or maybe ever. Who knows. #
  • Doesn't CMCC know you should never use goto's? I mean, come on. LAZY. #
  • @geofreyflores Heh, knew someone would get it 😉 #

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  • Visit to a fake Apple store in China

    Jessica found three fake Apple stores in China and took photos. It’s not clear whether the products were genuine or knockoffs.

    They looked like Apple products. It looked like an Apple store. It had the classic Apple store winding staircase and weird upstairs sitting area. The employees were even wearing those blue t-shirts with the chunky Apple name tags around their necks… But some things were just not right: the stairs were poorly made. The walls hadn’t been painted properly.

    Apple never writes “Apple Store” on it’s signs – it just puts up the glowing, iconic fruit.

    Visit to a fake Apple store in China (Via Jack Shafer)

  • Male Gold Digger

    Male Gold Digger

    Ray and Raf are well on their way to becoming househusbands, while Will is still lost somewhere in the Pacific.

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