Tweets – 2012-02-28

  • I'm never watching another Oscars again ever. #
  • @cjhubbs I don't know what I was expecting, but it was pretty boring. I have better things to do (I hope). #
  • @MichaelATerry Not my cup of tea, I guess. I'm not much for celebs and dresses and shit. #
  • @mescutia @cjhubbs I chose the Oscars over learning more PHP stuff, so that was a pretty bad use of my time. #
  • @mescutia @cjhubbs Yeah. I'm cutting down my TV and Reddit time to focus on more… useful pursuits. #
  • I kind of enjoy finding bugs in software. Wish I could make a job out of that. #

Tweets – 2012-02-25

  • @gfmorris Did you give up cursing for Lent? #
  • @Dropbox Finally! Good new all round. #
  • @keithjgrant I'm disappointed that there were no suspicious looking tabs there. #
  • @cjhubbs Santorum's a little too far-right for you? #
  • @gfmorris Good for you! But that's going to make quoting TBL quite… challenging. #
  • @cjhubbs Man, that kind of sucks. I don't really like Obama that much. Not the greatest track record thus far re:changing anything. #
  • @dmpontious @cjhubbs He set up the expectations that he failed to meet. So more like "not changing what he said he would". #
  • @gfmorris Come on, that would be like The Dude not bowling! Sacrilege! #
  • @cjhubbs Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul are pretty much all a joke. I don't understand the people that take them seriously. #
  • @cjhubbs @fakegfmorris is pretty good at sounding authentically Morrisian that way. #
  • @dmpontious @cjhubbs I'm okay with politicians not promising the world and failing to deliver. #
  • @SideSteamRoller So you totally just wrote that. #
  • I kind of feel like letting the verbal garbage flow… so HI TWITTER! #
  • At any moment I'll be rolling up the rim. Shit is about to get REAL. #
  • @wally_walker I won a chance to play again! It's a Friday miracle! #
  • @gfmorris @fakegfmorris Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules? PLAY AGAIN! #
  • @peter_vk You're welcome? #
  • @SideSteamRoller Okay then! #
  • Following @jeb_ because, well, he's doing great and awesome things. #
  • Shit, it's cold in this house. I don't understand how sometimes it feels so hot and other times it feels so cold at the same temp. #
  • @geofreyflores I didn't know you were on reddit. #
  • Okay, I'm calling the "stuff flavoured with green tea" craze over. Shit tastes like shit. #
  • @smmrmn Nope. Nope nope nope nope. #

Let Your Reasons Be Honest

So it turns out all those horrible things that would cause society to collapse (drugs, gay marriage, premarital sex, abortion, the nuclear family, etc) didn’t. You were wrong. Society is still merrily chugging along without your convictions.

Maybe now you can be honest. It was never about society. It was about you and what you thought was right and what you thought was wrong.

And that’s okay. You’re allowed to think those things. You’re allowed to say you think drugs are wrong. That gay marriage is wrong. That the nuclear family is the only valid family model.

See, the difference between “I believe this is wrong” and “I believe this will destroy society” is the difference between something you believe and something you feel compelled to make everyone believe.

It’s the difference between a private belief and a culture war. And we don’t need any more culture war. It’s a war fought under false pretenses for reasons that don’t follow.

Tweets – 2012-02-03

  • Photo: Something from my Google+ page. Words live forever…. #
  • Nope, "Can I be honest with you" is not an acceptable segue into being an asshole. #
  • Sigh. I want to be involved in something awesome and collaborative, but I'm still looking for what that thing should be. #