Tweets – 2012-03-30

  • @gfmorris Step 4: Compete with Toronto to see who can win the fewest Stanley Cups. YOU BOTH WIN, GUYS. #
  • Anchorman 2? Yes, please. #
  • @gfmorris Something tells me they might not be too committed to that mission statement template. #
  • @gfmorris The people who run companies and make these decisions don't typically understand that less can be more. I speak from experience. #
  • @gfmorris I'd prefer to say other things entirely. #

Tweets – 2012-03-29

  • I hate open office plans. I don't want to hear about the things that happen in your shitty life. #
  • @cjhubbs Dude. Pensioners are cray cray! Everyone knows that. #
  • @cjhubbs Now fall on sword! #
  • So I'm wearing a hoodie today. I hope no one shoots me. OH WAIT. I live in Canada where we have gun laws that make sense. #
  • HEY EVERYONE – do your backups. You will not live to regret it. A backup saved my bacon today. #
  • I love living in Canada. The table next to us in Swiss chalet is speaking French. Reminds me of speaking English in a St Huberts. #
  • I would very much like to slap Ken Ham in the face. #

Tweets – 2012-03-28

  • Holy crap, getting that last 20% of development takes sooooo much more time than the other 80%. #
  • @rmfoinfo Has the server melted yet? #
  • @gfmorris I play that game, man. Hit me up. #
  • @cjhubbs Totally will do. Btw, have you ever tried the official scrabble client? #
  • Little trick I've learned: Tell @laurastargirl that I'm ready to leave 15 minutes before I'm actually ready to leave. #
  • So, the thing I was going to say… I didn't say it. #

Tweets – 2012-03-23

  • Here's a question I asked on Google+ a few minutes ago: Has anyone ever used Windows System Restore successfully? #
  • @peter_vk Not possible, afaik. Also prohibitively expensive. #
  • @pkewisch Love the Lightning app… Ever thought about being able to associate email threads with tasks & events? Would be terribly useful. #
  • @japrice So that's 1 for working, 5 for not working. #

Tweets – 2012-03-16

  • Photo: xmynamex: I wish I still had the disc for “You Should Be Living”. That was a great cd, and it’s just… #
  • Take a look at this, tech buddies. It's an interesting question. #
  • Calling all geeks: If you were a small business and you wanted to add a SAN appliance to your network, what would you choose? #
  • @errka Not even close. #
  • @geofreyflores I have a droboFS 5-day at home. But this is for work… #