About being very frustrated.

I don’t like to rant – normally I find it rather unproductive. On the other hand, it clears the head a bit, something I need right now.

I have a drill that needs to be done now. Today. It needed to be done yesterday a little bit less, and the day before a bit less than that. And basically, in our production stream, we have five different processes for this drill: chopping, through-feeding, grinding, honing, and polishing. They are currently chopped, but no through-fed. I’m having trouble convincing the people in the manual division that yes, this actually needs to be done, and it actually needs to be done early this morning. In fact, it needs to be done now, not in twenty minutes or in three hours or in six days.

Not to mention that I have to drive these bloody drills to the customer because they’re late enough to burn holes in the pockets of our couriers. That’s what I call late.

Now here I am, in my office, just waiting for these drills to come along, knowing that even if I do get these drills out on time, I’m still going to have the same crappy policies and procedures creating havoc in my life next week and the week after that and the week after that. Until things stop becoming zero-day monters with delivery times in the negatives.

Dan (Like that’ll ever happen.)