About lunch and drums.

It’s lunch hour. Or lunch half-hour. I’m eating a delicious bowl of pasta soup and drinking bottled water from a most dubious bottler. It, however, still tastes like water. That is to say it doesn’t taste like much.

I also just got off the drums, having given “Say it Ain’t So” by Weezer a brand new rhythm section. I call it the “Slow Descent into Madness” remix. Basically, I took the first verse and chorus and downtempoed them to a seemingly slower jazz beat, picked it up a bit for the second verse and chorus and then for the bridge, built until the climax of the song which turned into a five minute drum solo. By which time the song had long ended, but hey, Weezer’s never going to know. Then, with a final double-splash, it ended.

Dan (Finito.)