About the future, though I’m sure I’ve used that title before.

I wonder what the future will look like. Okay, not the future in which we have flying cars and cities where trains fly through the air like antigravity-equiped serpents. But the future of me. That little slice of tomorrow that belongs so far as I know to this guy and his frail plans.

What works out? What doesn’t? (I’m not so influenced by the always-put-on-a-smile people that I must insist that even when things don’t work out like I want them to they’ve still worked out. They haven’t. If I haven’t gotten what I wanted, then my desire has been disappointed and from my point of view it hasn’t worked out. The end) Where do I go? Where do I get away from? Is the journey the thing, or is it the destination?

I think everything will be fine – at least in the grand scheme of things. Maybe I won’t always get I want, but it’s probably better that way anyways. Even the apostle Paul didn’t get what he wanted all the time, despite being lifted into the heaven of heavens. In fact, he got a thorn in the flesh.

Maybe that’s it, that prayer that God always denies. That healing, that place, that person. Maybe in the third all three wrapped together. But I’ll be fine, I think.

Dan (Don’t I want more than fine, though? No. I’m not arrogant to believe that I deserve better than fine, and if I get that much I’ll be happy.)

ps: Totally unrelated, but the problem with having an amazing life is that it quickly becomes the status quo and you become accustomed to life at that level. You can never have a truly “amazing” marriage, because you get used to things being amazing and gradually focus like you always will on the little things that have gone wrong. The only way to truly have an amazing life is to understand that heights are matched by depth and proceed from there to a place where you’re thankful for what you’ve been given.