About things.

Google Earth has been launched for free, and we’ve bee playing with it a bit at work. And by a bit I mean a lot, and by a lot I mean way too much. But it’s an amazing program, even if some of the satelite photography is a little… wonky. And of course, with mere broadband and not a pipe bigger than the Chunnel it takes a while for stuff to load until it’s been cached on the local system.

Speaking of cache and local system, if you set Mozilla Firefox to work offline and type in “about:cache” you get a very interesting report on what exactly is cached in both memory and to disk. Very interesting indeed, says I. Just a hint for the privacy paranoid among us: delete your cache, history, cookies, passwords, and anything else you’ve left behind before you exit this program. Preferably get a Sanatize extension and a file shredder program. Also make sure all your emails are sent using 128-bit encryption.