Advertising In Dreams

There is going to come a day when corporations try to beam ads into my head while I sleep. They will call it dreamvertising or something else like that and for a while it will be all the rage, until they notice that no-one really remembers their dreams and that dreaming about a hamburger doesn’t necessarily make you want to have a hamburger. Then they’ll move on to something else even more annoying like ads that call your name or whisper focused sound waves into your ears as you walk. All so they can sell you a bunch of crap someone screwed together with their teeth overseas.

It’s not really my problem what people in factories overseas do (the world is so small now that I simply can’t worry about every single problem; there are far too many of them), but it is my problem when advertisers violate my personal space. The space inside my head and the space around my head are mind to with what I please.

I think we’re going to have fancy tinfoil hats in the future. If we don’t fight the next world war with sticks and stones, that is.

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