Bullet points for a Wednesday Morning.

  • I don’t get stat holidays. I really don’t. If every person gets a certain number of days off per year for government-mandated vacation, why are there additional days off? I’ll probably understand this when I’m older and slower but for now they just annoy me. They throw a monkey wrench into my normally placid finances (I don’t have much money, but what money I do have is somewhat consistent), throw a hyena wrench into production at the shop (a four day week in which to do five days of work! hooray!), and just generally throw off my sense of time.
  • Fourteen hours. I worked fourteen hours yesterday. Just to be clear, I’m not a workaholic, I actually don’t like doing that. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
  • Why do we make word that end in “aholic” when we mean to say someone is addicted to something? It doesn’t make any sense. It should be “workic”, not “workaholic”. One of those has much less snap, of course.
  • Clicking on the tag buttons is much easier than writing out tags. If they had keyboard shortcuts, it’d be even better.
  • For the love of all that’s good, don’t keep apologising to me. Don’t be sorry, do your job properly. Then we’re both happy.
  • Ever have a night of tossing and turning? I had one of those last night, only to roll out of bed and discover Laura slept like a babe in arms. I suppose that’s okay, though. I’ll give up my sleep for her in one of those mystical marital transactions that seem to happen with some frequency. We’re rarely both sick, or both hungry, or both interested in watching the same film; life is strange that way. People are strange that way.
  • I’d like to observe that even lukewarm coffee is better than no coffee at all, which pretty much blows that whole “warm, cold, lukewarm” example of Paul’s out of the water. Of course, he didn’t really have coffee. I try to imagine Paul of caffeine, and I sort of imagine him like, “We’re going to North America, beeyotches!” I think he might get quite annoying, actually.
  • Last night Laura and I read from Luke where Jesus talks about the end times, and I have to say that scripture confuses me sometimes. At one point the passage says that the end times (if it was actually talking about the end times) will come when people are eating and drinking and getting married, just like in the days of Lot and Noah… and says that these signs are like vultures gathered around a carcass. Which is nice imagery, but doesn’t help me much, because I see people eating and drinking and getting married right now. Maybe I’m just getting confused about nothing. I just don’t get it.
  • I love Talkdemonic’s “In the Machinery of Night”. It’s like they took equal parts IDM, hip-hop drumming, and awesome and mixed it all together to get an amazing song. Note my use of superlatives here.
  • The Dilbert comic about the guy who has no skills but compensates by “raising issues” resonates with me this morning. I won’t tell you why because that would be mean.

One thought on “Bullet points for a Wednesday Morning.

  1. I like your bullet points this morning.

    Holidays: I think the point about a holiday is that you shouldn’t have to make up that work at a different time. A day off should be a day off, not a day now distributed among the other workdays.

    -aholic: “ic” already has a meaning, “pertaining to”, “like”, “having the nature of”. We needed something else, so we borrowed from alcoholic, undoubted the first -aholic, though I will in no way try to defend this claim. As a side note, that’s why RogEric was so funny. Double meaning. A mixture of Roger and Eric, plus it was also Roger -ic, which makes for a good double entendre on, say, a license plate.

    Paul on caffeine. Nice.

    End times: Sounds like every time between when he left and now. When have people NOT been eating, drinking, and marrying?

    Hopefully this comment doesn’t get swept away with the trackback spam.

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