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I don’t know if I agree with everything here, but I found this Open Letter to a Church Planter wonderfully thought-provoking. Especially this passage:

Your goal, I take it, is to build a building for your church. That is a singularly bad idea.

  • Churches that build buildings end up paying through the wazoo to keep the thing going, and that money could be better spent in other ways. Every other thing gets out of whack when the church is about the building.
  • Churches that build buildings end up having an attractional approach rather than a missional one. You don’t want your new Jesus followers thinking that this whole thing is about getting people into your building. That’s a problem we are already dealing with throughout the evangelical church and you don’t need to propogate it among the hipsters and the homeless.
  • Churches that build buildings become identified with the building. You want to be identified with your community.

I could go on with reasons to stay away from building a building, but you can complete this exercise on your own.

There’s a kernel of truth in that.

I’ve learned a few lessons in life, so here’s your Aphorism Of The Day: “Don’t date a girl who’s going off to college, and don’t join a church that’s building a building.”

There might be a kernel of truth in that too.

One thought on “Church without buildings…

  1. I really appreciate this comment:
    You don’t need your own coffee shop. Again, that would only encourage separation of your little community from the larger community, and that is not what you want to accomplish. Just the opposite. You need to go into the community. Into the community’s coffee shops.

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