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  • Thank You Society

    Thank You Society

    Success of any kind is a function of many factors, individual talent is just one of them–ability to eat a whole box of Cheez-its in one sitting is another.

  • Starbucks Admits Blondes Have More Fun, Will Offer Milder Coffee Starting In January

    By now many of you are familiar with the old “tastes burnt” comment offered by people who aren’t fans of Starbucks’ current coffee offerings. And after 40 years of serving up the dark stuff, the java giant announced today it will start brewing up a milder, blonde roast in January.

    From the Chicago Tribune:

    At a press conference Tuesday in Chicago, Starbucks chief marketing officer Annie Young-Scrivner said that 40 percent of the 130 million coffee drinkers in the U.S. prefer a milder tasting joe, something the coffee giant has not offered.

    The blonde roast, which the company says was the result of culling down 80 possible recipes, will also be made available in an instant VIA version.

    We want to know if the “tastes burnt” crowd is willing to give this blonde roast a shot.

    Starbucks to add blonde roast for milder palates [Chicago Tribune]

    Introducing Starbucks® Blonde Roast []

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