Google Reader Shared Items 2011-10-21

  • Chris Piascik cartoon: Millionaires in US Congress

    A graph by the wonderful illustrator Chris Piascik.

  • Star Trek bathrobes

    I dote on pajamas and bathrobes (first thing I do when I get on an overnight flight is change into a pair of freshly ironed jammies for a good night’s sleep — I call it the “Most comfortable man in the sky project”), and boy, do ThinkGeek’s Star Trek robes pluck at my heartstrings. They’ve got the breast insignia, as well as the piping at the cuffs. A swankier way to lounge, available in yellow, blue, and red, and men’s and women’s cuts.

    (via Red Ferret)

    Star Trek Bathrobes []

  • Not There

    Not There

    I found it here!

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