How to make pasta.

First install the essentials. Thankfully the good people at Debian have got some packages ready for us already.

sudo apt-get install apartment-core

sudo apt-get install electricity

sudo apt-get install stove-gasrange6

sudo /etc/init.d/stove start

sudo apt-get install h2o-2.1.29

sudo apt-get install pasta

Now you’ll want to define what sort of pasta to use. Find out the acceptable values for “pastatype =” by doing this:

man pst.conf

I’ve used nano as my editor of choice, but feel free to use Vim or something else if you wish:

nano /etc/pasta/pst.conf

Once you have the pasta defined properly, you’ll need to start it boiling:

sudo /etc/init.d/pasta start

Remember that /etc/init.d/stove needs to be started and h2o installed for at least ten minutes before you can run the above command.

You can check the status of you pasta by running this command:

pastcook --status

Or if you want to install a pretty frontend onto that, do this:

sudo apt-get install italian

which will when you run


from the command prompt give you a graph with time remaining.

Remember, when the pasta has reached its finished state, make sure you turn “stove” and “pasta” off! You wouldn’t want to, you know, fry your kernel.

sudo /etc/init.d/stove stop

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