I have a daughter…

…and let me tell you, that’s a weird thing to say. The other day Laura said something along the lines of “come look after your daughter” and it struck me that I have a daughter.

That’s an incredible thing. And she’s an incredible thing. Here are some pictures to prove it:

Audrey is on the cusp of falling asleep here. Much like me, she’d rather be awake than asleep.

Baby hands are really cool. They’re like regular people hands, but really small, and really fat. They don’t do much but grasp at things, except when Audrey is giving us the finger. Which is often.

When she does sleep, it’s a wonderful thing. And she sure loves that pacifier.

This is Audrey brand new. I think she’s maybe three days old. She’s home from the hospital, no longer wearing the silly hospital hat. Look how small she is! She was 2448 grams at birth, which is really, really small, but still 447 grams more than they had estimate. No NICU for her!

Here we are at the dog park. Audrey likes movement, so she does really well wrapped up and on the go, sort of like a baby burrito.

More of the same. Tiny! She spent most of her first few weeks sleeping. Then after that not so much.

Looks a bit like a halo there. That’s her favourite chair, too.

Footprinted like a common criminal.

Here she is on her change pad. You can’t tell from this photo, but she not wearing a diaper here. Laura was trying (successfully, it seems) to fix diaper rash.

Apparently here she looks like me. I don’t see it, personally. I bet it’s the chubby cheeks.

Invisible YAZZ FLUT!

I was explaining General Relativity to her, and I think she was so firmly rooted in Newtonian thought that she got a little angry at the idea.

One of my favourite photos! Looks like Audrey’s quite angry that Laura’s nose isn’t a boob. I don’t know if punching your mother is going to fix things, Audrey.

Audrey and Grandmama, who is basically the baby whisperer. Sylvie (Laura’s mum) was around to help in the first few weeks, which is fantastic. It allowed Laura to sleep. Which is a great idea. Laura without sleep… yikes.

And one last sleeping pic to round out the set. Peaceful.

I can’t believe I forgot this video. CAUTION: BORING.

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  1. Daniel….thanks for posting these. I love the comments made along with… PS Thanks for spending time with Timothy today!

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