It’s hard not to pick sides.

It makes sense that I care about the Android ecosystem. I own several Android devices (3 at the moment). I have bought media from the Play Store (books and apps).

It’s good for me if Android does well. I don’t want to see the platform go the way of Blackberry or Nortel.

But it’s not good for me to start cheerleading. It’s not good to see Apple or Microsoft as the enemy. It’s not good to develop a me-vs-them complex.

It’s not good because these are just things, just companies, and they will, like everything, pass away. They are not my ticket to a better future. They are, in that sense, not my hope.

This is what geek sports is all about, isn’t it? We don’t have football teams or hockey teams, but we have platforms and programming styles and on and on. Things are are, in the grand scheme of things, little more important than sports.

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