Make your own Hollywood trailer!

Have you ever noticed how Hollywood trailers are often so faceless and generic? Especially for action flicks? Of course, so are the movies, so you kind of expect it, but c’mon people! You have a chance to be creative in restraints and you don’t take it. Goodness.

So I’ve decided to write a “Make Your Own Homebrew Trailer”. I’m not going to have any film for this, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

“Generic Trailer” (by Dax)

(A man who has smoked one million cigarettes begins speaking.)

In a (time / place / land / town) where (evil has triumphed / nobody breaks the rules / thus and such is forbidden) one (man / woman / group of adventurers) will (stand and fight / challenge the status quo / fight for his/her/their rights) and (change the world / alter history / begin a revolution).

(Jonny Q. Hollywood) and (Sally Q. Ho) star in a movie critics are calling (Action packed! / A thrillride! / High-octane!) and (The best action film since thus and such! / A triumph! / Heart-breaking!).

Don’t miss this (summer / winter / fall / spring)’s motion picture event, (dramatically name film), coming soon to a theatre near you!

And this is supposed to make me want to watch the film. Pshaw.