Obliogatory election followup.

Well you can get it from the CBC, Canoe.ca, the always-biased Globe and Mail.

Of course, there’s not really much to be said. Martin wins a minority government, but barely. Even with the NDP, the Liberals don’t have enough seats to actually rule properly, which means that we can expect another election on the inside of two years, if that. But the clincher of this whole story — as always — is that vote-rich Ontario blah blah blah is constantly re-electing the shitty Liberal government over and over again. Ontario is as redundant as that sentence was. What exactly do you need? Writing on the wall? God to step down and tell you how much that government sucks? Can you tell I’m a tad bit upset?

Goodness. Final tally (well, almost… some are being counted):

Liberals: 135 seats.
Conservatives: 99 seats.
The Bloc: 54 seats (who cares?).
NDP: 19 seats (also, who cares?).
Other: 1 seat.