Well, I finally broke down and saw the movie Serenity. As well I should have, as it turns out, because it’s an amazing film. And unbelieveable film. Maybe the best scifi film I’ve ever seen, bar none. Certainly the best scifi-western. I would urge you all to go out sometime and see a matinee showing of it in a nice uncrowded theatre, just so good films that deserve to be winners actually are.

You know what’s interesting? Hollywood funding distribution is funny, that’s what. How so many banal films are made with money ranging into the hundreds of millions of dollars is beyond me – and why people go to see them is even further. In fact, so much of the movie-going populace is turned off by what HWood is producing these days that they don’t even bother to watch those top-ten grossing films anymore, if they even watch movies at all. I, for one, haven’t watched a single “blockbuster” movie this year unless I was with friends and had to seek the lowest common denominator in what movie would appeal to everyone.

Which is part of the industry’s problem. They cater to big audiences and leave the small ones behind. But is it so strange to imagine that you’d make the same sort of money with four small films that cost $25m in lieu of one film that costs $100m+? Not only that, instead of having hugely expensive films that go bust, you’d have minorly expensive films that go bust, and sleeper hits that basically cost only a tenth of what they’ll gross in theatres alone. Even out the money distribution. It doesn’t work anymore. We don’t like your stupid movies that focus on making us covet lifestyles while ignoring plot. We’re not drooling idiots with money flowing out of our pockets, waiting to spend it on whatever film has “adrenaline” or “octane” in the description.

Well, most of us aren’t.

dan (hates movies. loves movies)

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  1. Dearest Inquisitive..

    Is it good? I saw a tv programme on Steve Martin’s novella “Shopgirl” and it looked amazing. I love films that are almost “not cool enough for the cinema”..
    Clare Danes is v.cute in the trailers..


  2. No, i haven’t seen it, but i’m geeky like that too… I often find myself sitting in a very uncroweded theatre at 3 in the afternoon on my days off… why is it that watching movies by yourself can be so satisfying? Maybe its because you can cry without abandon… or you dont have to justify the pick to anyone but yourself.

  3. Have you ever looked at people’s faces when you’re in the cinema like Amelie? It’s fantastic! But I love watching films on my own.. sometimes they are just that much better for sure.

  4. very true…
    i saw elizabethtown, which wasnt what i expected but still good. good in the same way that in good company is good… you expected more romance and a bit more drama, but it was a movie that made you think.
    Personally, I like throwing skittles at the people in the movie who.. umm… arent watching the movie…
    but skittles are just very fun in general

  5. Or biting off the heads of gummi-gross-bears and then throwing them at the screen cuz then it sticks.. and when a big face comes on the screen it looks like a boogie. BUT that was in the ooold days, I don’t do that now.
    I’d like to see Elizabethtown.. but I disklike Orlando Bloom a lot. In Good Company was cute.
    You should give “Amelie” a try.. if you like FANTASTIC films.. 🙂

  6. will do… i think i know someone who has it… or i could just rent it.
    orlando bloom, major dislikes here too.. as well as kirsten dunst. have you seen almost famous? its like the same story, since it was written by the same guy… i didnt think he’d be able to pull off an american accent that well. i was surprised. and it looks like kirsten dunst might be growing up a little as well.

  7. I just watched elizabethtown tonight… ick… I really don’t like orlando bloom, but that is beside the point. It was alright, but I was expecting so much more… and there was a few minutes I could have done without…

    In general it just made me want to have an all night phone conversation with a ‘thinking man’…

    Julie (needs a better cell phone-plan)

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed Almost Famous. Pretty good flick.
    Another foreign film to watch that’s cool is Run Lola Run.. and if you don’t like those kinds of things..
    The new Batman with Christian Bale is REALLY fun.
    Anyone seen Domino yet?
    And Stay looks particulary curious.
    Oh.. Wallace&Gromit was great too.

    Dan’s gonna hate all this pop culture “movie” talk. Sorry.


  9. i feel the same way. i was expecting alot more from elizabethtown, but after i thought about it for a while, i did enjoy it. looks like i’ve got some movie watching to catch up on

  10. Stay does look promising… one of the previews for Elizabethtown looked good… can’t remember the name of it for the life of me, had to do with the chinese girls…

    Anyway, I have a list of movies to catch up on now… julie

  11. oh yeah, somthing about a geisha…. i know, that does look good. i liked the preview with that amazing cast, or at least i think its amazing. rachel mc adams, dermont mulroney, sarah jessica parker, diane lane….

  12. It looked really great… the more I thought about Elizabethtown, its growing on me… the whole life/death theme and whatnot… the mother drove me completely mad though…. so annoying.

    (I’m so glad you remembered ‘geisha’ I honestly couldn’t sleep b/c I couldn’t remember the word.) ~julie~

    sorry dan…

  13. He very well may be intrigued… or he’s laughing b/c he knows I wouldn’t understand the majority of the underlying themes of these movies…

    At least I know Orlando Bloom is disgusting. 🙂
    Have you seen ‘Bride and Prejudice?’ I’ve heard some good things… ~jule

  14. Rachel McAdams’s dimples are so adorable and cute, she really have that killer smile-~,

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