So I’m getting married, huzzah.

You know what weddings are all about? Weddings are all about stress. Let me explain. Yesterday, I left work early, as delivery men from both Sears and Jysk were showing up. Show up they did, both of them late, and I spent the rest of the evening assembling furniture, which isn’t as therapeutic as it may sound. In fact, by the time I had figured out how the TV stand and the couch fit together, I had spent three hours bolting things together, deciphering schematics cleverly encrypted with 128-bit stupidity, and wondering why so much extra hardware had been crammed into the little plastic bags, until I longed for the sweet embrace of death.

Then I got into work to discover everyone calling for their tools, and every tool not done or done wrong. Hyperbole, but it stands. In the midst of this I discovered that money is going to be a little tight for the first few months of marriage because OSAP — predictably, I might add — thinks that we don’t actually need any money for food and whatnot.

Of course, some of you are going to be saying, “Well, then you shouldn’t have bought that bed and that furniture.” But of course they were both a donation from my parents, bless their moneyed souls, and not a cash donation. And I will not beg money from them; things tight, but we’ll survive just fine. For the first time I understand why finances are the ruination of many an otherwise sound relationship.

We will find ourselves, after the honeymoon, in a house full of semi-nice things, with a few thin dimes to rub together. At least for the first few weeks. Add to that the inevitable tension of getting used to — for me at least — having another person around the house whose needs I have to consider, whose well-being I am entrusted with, and you have the makings of a rocky road. It’s scary too: are my shoulders broad enough for this?

Something is going to blind-side us. The time is ripe. I mean, me and Laura love eachother and we’ll make it through whatever comes, but it’s all too simple right now. The challenges seem straightforward, and life seems to generally dislike being straightforward. So I’m waiting to get hit by a bus.

All this to say that I may well be fraying and wearing thin, but this is going to happen. It will, and if I find myself taking a bus in the chest, it will be for love. I’m a big ball of hope that no bus will come, and that the rewards of the tension will be legion, and that in all of this there will be a knot of blessing.

But I still can’t wait for it all to just be… over.

4 thoughts on “So I’m getting married, huzzah.

  1. It does seem overwhelming about this point in the process. Fortunately, the next two weeks will move quite quickly, and next thing you know you’ll be married and enjoying it.

    Yes, there are added stresses, but there are removed stresses, too, and many benefits and pleasures. All in all, you’ll be happier married than single. However, when you say this:

    But I still can’t wait for it all to just be… over.

    I hear ya, brother; I hear ya.

  2. I’m constantly surprised that no matter how long or short a couple is engaged, there is always that point where you just want it to be over. You would think that with a 7 week engagement there wouldn’t be time for that point, but yet, there it is.

  3. I hear you on the furniture bit… we had new stuff delievered yesterday, only it was built by a man name ‘Wilhome’… you can still smell his Minonite sweat on our dining room table =P

    This week is going to fly by for you, and the wedding day itself will go even faster, hang in there…

    But keep watching out for that bus. They always come, that’s the world we live in.

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