I’m going to dump some half-baked bits of songs here. They’re not really anythings yet.


What the camera sees
it isn’t me
it isn’t really me

I’ll fill the details in
with all the things
that maybe you should know

It’s annotated and cross-referenced
it’s encyclopaedic
it’s irrelevant

I am more than a collection of parts
I am more a shadow in a cave
I am more than a soul to be saved

Waking Up

I keep waking up broken
Don’t know what happened to me in the dark
I lost another memory
Can’t keep going with so many missing parts

But you are on the breeze
As if to say do you remember me
I can’t forget the way you move
You still move inside of me
I do, I do, I do remember you

Fallen Cathedral

In this great fallen cathedral
we are holding a bazaar
You can find anything
your heart desires

From the hearts of broken people
to the ever-moving star
That marks the place

She Always Shoots You Down

I was flying halfway to the moon
told the satellites I’d find her soon
but the hidden guns were all I found
love, she always shoots you down
love, she shoots you down

I was skipping rungs up two by two
for a better life in navy blue
but the dirt I hit was army brown
love, she always shoots you down
love, she shoots you down


As it turns out, you never get to know
except a few things, but fewer than you knew
I guess you get old and leave here for a while
and then you come back when it has been made new

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear
that I can’t take it’s measure
but in the end perhaps you’ll find that it’s clear
in your golden forever


come on come on
everybody’s wrong
everybody’s song
is playing backwards

sleeping dogs lie
curled up in the sky
they never wonder why
it’s running backwards

I could learn a thing or two
absent in epiphany
we could let it work itself

let’s build a wall
against the empty squall
of doomsday prophets all
who got it backward

nothing will end
at least of what can bend
and let me tell you, friend
I’m bending backward

I could learn a thing or two
absent in epiphany
we could let it work itself

Yellow Bird

in the beginning was a word
it was something that you heard
on the street

it kept on ringing in your head
a little yellow bird that said
move your feet

these movements
you didn’t study
but your body

these moments
you can’t remember
but your body

Hold On

You can hold on to anything that you want to.
As long as it keeps you afloat you’re okay.
As long as it keeps your head above water.
As long as it keeps you sane for the day.

Camera II

Camera o camera what do you see
all these backwards upside down pictures of me
I keep on hiding but you’ve already got
enough to put me in a box

I will be fine
in retrospect
what will we find
in retrospect
I will be fine

Black Balloon

This song is like a black balloon
elephant cloud in the middle of the room
everyone can hear the tune
they open windows to dissipate the gloom


Bury it alive. Listen to the beat
slowly winding down, it’s going away.
Life is analog. It’s not just on or off.
It comes and it goes, it comes and goes.

Your head is a radio
Your heart is an antenna
You feel like you’re static
You feel like your dilemma

Sky Falls

The sky is falling down
like is always has
it’s falling down around
our shoulders

When it does we will
finally catch a glimpse
of all the planets in
our solar system

It’s not a bad thing
we never learned to breathe
the way we should


You have walked the twenty blocks to where
all the people seem put together
patched up and sewn together so well
where all your stuffing’s coming out.

You’ve been on a train to nowhere
so long you can’t recall solid ground
can’t remember paying for it
in blood and tears, in blood and years

but you’re more valuable
than diamonds and gold
so why do you keep saying

I’ve got nothing that you should want to have
I’ve got nothing but broken pieces
I’ve got nothing but the words you said
I love you I love you I love you
You keep begging for salvation
but it never seems to find you out
hidden in plain sight you are
everywhere and nowhere at once

there is happiness in chemicals
happiness you trade for dollar bills
and all the other fantasies
you’ve tried them all


Proud of the scars?
Gotten this far.
Should be.

Memories decay.
Better that way.
Should be.

Waking up and this isn’t
waking up and thing isn’t
waking up and this isn’t
home. Should be.

Hometown Girl Makes Good

What are you looking for?
Will you know it when you see it, finally?
With your foot in the door
to a place I have left behind me

Oh I, Oh I would tell you if I could
If you could be the hometown girl makes good

Could you give me a clue?
Maybe just the room or weapon.
Something to misconstrue,
connecting dots that never happened.

Oh I, Oh I would tell you if I could
Then you could be hometown girl makes good

Maybe no-one has the key to it.
Maybe no-one really knows.
Maybe we’re all in the same house
lighting matches as we go.

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