Tweets – 2011-06-14

  • @smmrmn Amen. This country's protectionist internet policies are a joke. #
  • @rachellebaits That's pretty close to my house. Maybe I should rub my butt on his windshield. #
  • @joshbobbitt It's the cocaine of bacon. #
  • We need to remove subsidies from large businesses who are sitting on cash. They don't need subsidies. They need motivations to spend. #
  • @dmpontious That's sad in so very many different ways. #
  • Dear Whoever searched for "how do you get your wife to stop acting like a child", the answer is beat her with a rod thinner than your thumb. #
  • @laurastargirl Not sure how many boxes we have left in any kind of good condition. #
  • @rachellebaits And that's why I have two cheeks. One for each #
  • @rachellebaits And that's why I have two cheeks. One for each! #
  • In a world without justice, there's no way to fight the system without falling into corruption. #quotes #
  • @laurastargirl What? Man, I'm glad I'm not watching. #
  • @laurastargirl Has Vancouver done anything positive at all? #

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