Tweets – 2012-09-26

  • @AMHHolland A hearty amen to that. #
  • So if anyone was watching, "Partners" is complete and utter horseshit. #
  • @AMHHolland I haven't seen one except on mobile. Maybe because I use adblock on the desktop? #
  • @AMHHolland Yay! I hate Target! #
  • What's the point of a CAD drawing that you can't dimension properly because you've scaled it and then overwritten the dimensions? BAD. #
  • The Mindy Project is a sitcom? I totally didn't get that from the pilot. #
  • RT @laurastargirl Baby burrito! #
  • @MatthewMayfield I have to give them credit, they sure do always sound like themselves. #
  • Really good P20 test! That's encouraging. #
  • @gfmorris YOU SON OF A SO AND SO #
  • @jasonwindsor If it was, I could probably watch it. #
  • @peter_vk Exactly! And I think it's actually harder to make a bad drawing than a good one! #
  • Fuuuuuuuuuuu I hate salespeople. #
  • Less than C class usage on most of these specials – it's time to make some cuts. #
  • I'm not a pirate. I'm just alpha testing a next-generation content delivery system that content providers haven't accepted yet. #

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