Tweets – 2012-09-29

  • If you're not using "nonetheless" on a regular basis, you're not languaging right. #
  • A toaster that toasts the weather report – #
  • I don't think we give engineers enough credit for almost every man made thing in the entire world. #
  • @gfmorris Surprised that you're doing something on the internet you mean? Not really. #
  • @cjhubbs When Laura and I were in Cuba there was always a piano in the lounge the no-one played. A niiice grand. So I played it. #
  • I hate that the Autocad UI requires two clicks to perform an action on an unfocused window. Even to close. Not a very Windows-ish UI. #
  • @gfmorris Not surprised, no. It's so easy to move now, I've done the same. I went from Flipbook to Prismatic that way. #
  • @azizansari The food item or the microprocessors? #
  • @gfmorris Just FYI, the RMFO planet links to my blogs are returning internal server errors. #
  • This day could not be over soon enough. My goodness. #
  • @gfmorris Isn't it? You always seem to reply on here when I send you emails 🙂 #
  • @laurastargirl We always knew there were mice somewhere in there… I'll lay out some traps this weekend. #
  • @laurastargirl Something to do with dust? #

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