Wednesday Links

EID: Heat Death – It’s important that you realise that you and I and everything we know will disappear.

EID: Multiplication – Multiplication tables are tricky. They’re at once useful but also deadly.

EID: et cetera – Tricksy meta stuff.

EID: Upon The Death Of An Old Friend – There’s a certain amount of informality in sudden death.

EID: The Happiest Man In The World – Your poem is bad and you should feel bad.

EID: Early September – With infinite apologies to Charles Simic.

EID: Scarcity – Some things that look scarce aren’t and you are one of them.

EID: Conservation – This work is grounded in a real place, but not the part of the real place where everyone goes. No. The part that almost everyone forgets.

EID: Good Luck – Thirty-one years with this good-for-nothing limb.

EID: thank you – Remember pheromones?