Who You Are Is What You Do

Just a quick note: When you talk about the things you do and the person you are, you’re talking about the same thing.

You are not two things. You are not an abstract person made up of a bunch of perfect ideals (i.e. the things you “are”) in conflict with the concrete, real, tangible, imperfect physical you that can’t reach those ideals.

The abstract and the concrete are the same thing. You are not divisible. You are one person.

Listen to what people say they believe, and then watch what they do. What is more true, the belief or the action? If they do not match up, they’re not being honest. They may not realise it, living with this delusion that they can somehow be incompatible with themselves, living as if they can believe one thing and do another. They may not realise it, but they are still being dishonest.

You are what you do. You do what you are. These things can’t be separated. You are a whole person. You are not 6 of this and half a dozen of another. You don’t get to abstract your beliefs and then ignore your actions.

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