I’ve got all these here bullet points

  • I hate seeing it again and again. Someone drinks the MLM koolaid, goes all in, spends an enormous amount of time and money projecting success, then slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) figuring out they’re not making any money. Then they quit, and what do they have to show for their effort?
    • A bunch of crap nobody wants.
    • A network of pissed off friends and family.
    • Less money than when they started.
    • A sense of shame that they couldn’t make it.
  • I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault. You didn’t fail. You were set up. You were preyed upon by the upstream “team members”, who were in turn preyed upon themselves. They expected you to (grossly, indecently) prey upon your friends and family. All to probably not make a few bucks. The folks that make it are few and far between.
  • Sometimes they’ll have an Insta or a Twitter and you can see exactly when it starts and end, datestamps and all, if they don’t have the sense to delete it.
  • As always, look at the averages, and look at the upside potential. Not the exceptions.
  • It’s really hard to watch friends and family be really, really stupid about COVID, vaccines, conspiracy theories, all this stuff. It genuinely makes me sad. But it also makes me angry, especially how evangelistic they are. And also because the only reason they can be so publicly and mind-numbingly stupid is because other folks (like me!) take these things seriously and do the right thing. It’s Dunning-Kruger-by-proxy. Infuriating.
  • I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Antivax is a position of extreme privilege. The only reason your unvaccinated kids haven’t died of some easily preventable disease is that everyone else who did get the vaccines is protecting you. It’s classic “I got mine, screw you” logic, and the last thing you should expect to see from a committed Christian.
  • Once you start looking for it, you see this pattern everywhere. Female judges looking to dismantle feminism. Middle class folks voting to dismantle the welfare state and worker’s rights. Insert your own example here, it’s not hard to find one! It really chaps my muffins at how callous, individualistic, and myopic this is. You’re embedded in a social web, and that social web is made up of a lot of people, places, and things that affect you. You aren’t the author of your own destiny; you’re a bit player, and thinking that you as a business owner, parent, partner, what have you, can take the benefits without making the contributions is insane. If you want the roads, pay the taxes. If you want your health, seek the health of others as well. If you want your marriage to succeed, seek the success of your partner. If you don’t want to do that stuff, go live on an island somewhere all by yourself and see how that goes. You cannot be a part of a society without thinking about what you owe to that society. We cannot be a human without thinking about we owe to eachother. Individualism is dehumanizing. It is callous. It is mean. And it is, and I mean this, an antichrist.
  • Not only that, it spits in the face of the entire history of folks who fought to give you the rights, the privilege, the position you take for granted. Think about the mountains of corpses you stand on while you trumpet your ignorance.
  • Most “Christian masculinity” stuff is just tough guy cosplay. You’re not getting that stuff from the Bible; you’re getting it from the culture.
  • Nothing will get so-called Evangelicals on social media hotter under the collar than quoting the Bible to them. I think this is because late-stage Evangelicalism is fundamentally not about the Bible. It’s about preserving or recreating a vision of the past that most didn’t exist, especially for anyone on the margins.
  • The more I read about American history, the more I realise the stuff I was taught in A Beka homeschooling was fanfiction. All these institutions that were supposedly conceived in the crucible of whatever were actually either last minute kludges or massive compromises that everyone assumed someone would fix later.
  • Later is never.
  • I’ve watched all the Star Wars movies. None of them is any good. Maybe episode 4 is ok, but, like, on accident?
  • I was once recommended a podcast by a Christian woman, also a Fox News contributor, which I refused to listen to. I couldn’t really express why at the time, but I had this sense that that sort of thing wasn’t good for my spiritual health. Reading Taking America Back For God (an absolutely fantastic book; do read it) helped me understand why. When someone is paid by Fox News and co, my heuristic is that they are fundamentally not Christian as much as Christian Nationalist, which is a very different thing. I will not have the words of someone who worships a flag injected into my ears.
  • Pineapple on pizza is a Good Thing. If you don’t like it, that’s fine.
  • I’ve uninstalled Instagram. I’ve not enjoyed my time there for a while, but the latest UI changes are, in a word, hostile. You’re not supposed to treat me like a commodity; that’s too real. You’re not supposed to say the quiet part out loud.
  • I’m starting to think it might be fun to move to Holland.

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